9 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

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Being an ancient art and science, Feng Shui (water and wind) unfolds the secrets of balancing the energies of a given space in order to bring love, health and good fortune for people inhabiting it. Feng Shui is the art of organizing your surroundings in a way that positive energy flows gently through your home or workplace. Here are 9 fast and easy Feng Shui tips that work for everyone.

•    FENGSHUI TIP 1 – Fix what’s defective
Broken or defective items should not have a place in your home. Whether it’s a broken door handle, a broken glass, broken appliances or a squeaking door; don’t let it stay unfixed. Oil all the squeaking doors and fix up all sort of defective items lying here or there in your house or workplace. This will help you remove unwanted clutter and bring in more positive energy.

•    FENGSHUI TIP 2 -Use the front door


Use the front door2
It may seem convenient to you to use the back door for entering or leaving your house, but this may limit the entry of positive energy and opportunities in your life. It is the front door through which “chi” enters your home and life.








•    FENG SHUI TIP 3 – Go GreenGet plants for your home



Get plants for your home. They are a great package of growth, creativity and even air purification. Place small plants over your kitchen cabinets and around your living room.

•    FENG SHUI TIP 4 – Keep your bathroom door closed and toilet lid down


Keep your bathroom door closed and toilet lid down
Bathroom is the area of your house from where the water goes out. As water is symbolised as wealth, it is suggested to keep the toilet seat covered and washroom door closed in order to prevent your money from being flushed away.







•    FENG SHUI TIP 5 – Position of bed

face the door while lying on the bed




Your bed should always be placed in a commanding position (i.e. you should face the door while lying on the bed) and not compromising position. Even while working one should be facing the door and should try not to work with their back to a door.



•    FENG SHUI TIP 6 – Remove clutter

Remove clutter
It is very important to remove unnecessary stuffs out of your home or workplace every now and then. It makes you and your space feels lighter.





•    FENG SHUI TIP 7 – Clean all doors and windows

Clean all doors and windows
Doors and windows are the way through which “chi” enters to your home or workplace. Also, windows help you to see what the universe have to offer you. A dirty door or window makes the outer world look pale or vague. So, it is very important to keep the doors and windows clean to have a clear and brighten space.



•    FENG SHUI TIP 8 – Purify the air
Use smudge sticks made of sage or incense sticks to cleanse the aura or the energy of your environment. It does not only clean your space but also helps in uplifting your mood.
•    FENG SHUI TIP 9 -Fountain near entry door


Fountain near entry door
It is always good to have a water element near your main door. The flow of the water should be toward the centre of your home that assures pouring of wealth into your life.