How can psychotherapy, referred to by many as ‘talk therapy’ help an individual who is grappling with some serious mental and physical problems? How does counselling help in healing? Because of the fact that these psychological healing tools can cure 95% of all illnesses, we use them to analyze, dissect and mental or emotional blockage which is invariably at the root of any disease affecting the mind and body.

Both psychotherapy and counselling consists of various strategies and practices. We apply these on individuals depending on his or her specific needs. In short, we at VHC apply a judicious combination of both to give the individual a better quality of life and free his from chronic ailments like depression, sleep disorders, marital or pre-marital problems and more. We are also adept at anti-addiction therapy which has benefited many. We offer our expertise at schools, hospitals and drug rehabilitation centres.

The types of counselling services we offer at Vishwas Healing Centre include:

  • Parental Guidance and Child Counselling: Children may be difficult to understand. Therefore it is also tough to treat any mental illness that they could be suffering from. We at VHC use techniques like play and art therapy, psychometric testing, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural therapy), etc. to understand the child better and also offer cure.
  • Pre-Marital Counselling: Lack of awareness and over-expectations often lead to marital discord. Our counselling methods help individuals view marriage in the right perspective and lead a stress-free life.
  • Post-Marital Counselling: CBT is used normally to help a woman cope better with her new surroundings including emotional and cultural adjustments which she is expected to do.
  • Counselling for Depression: Taking the issue objectively, we encourage the individual to dwell more on positive thoughts and come to terms with the realities of life.


This is one of the most popular psychotherapy options and its popularity is due to the tremendous success that Vishwas Healing Centre has achieved in the past few years. Yes, people associate hypnosis with something that is magical as well as mysterious. No, it is not about being put to sleep with a dangling watch – it is a serious branch of psychotherapy that helps the individual to rationalize his deep-rooted fears, phobias, sense of guilt, anxiety and more…

The routes we take for hypnosis include; Past life regression, Life progression, Age regression, Releasing sessions, Emotional cord cutting, Teaching and session of healing, Self-hypnosis, Clinical hypnosis, Handwriting analysis, Psychic reading, etc…