Is there anything magical about hypnosis?

Ask anyone this question and you can expect a prompt response that hypnosis is something like a magic trick where the hypnotist (many call him a magician), wearing a long black coat and a tall, funny-looking hat puts someone in the audience to sleep by simply dangling a clock or telling him something repeatedly.If you have similar ideas about hypnosis, you need to thing again. First of all, hypnosis is a not a cheap magic show to impress a group of ignorant audience. Hypnosis a serious branch of psychotherapy which, if done properly and practised diligently (you can also do self-hypnosis) can bring about major positive changes to your perspective, and clear addictions, fears, phobias, anxieties and more, without using any drug.

Before we elaborate on the kinds of hypnosis services we offer our clients at Vishwas Healing Centre, let us clear your doubts about this practice.

What is hypnosis or clinical hypnosis?

It is inducing a particular level of consciousness in the psyche of an individual with his permision, where the person is capable of performing any voluntary actions and becomes very responsive to suggestions and directions from the therapist. It can be used effectively as a therapy to restore suppressed memories, delve into deep levels of consciousness or even modify existing behavioural patterns. Another name for hypnosis could be mesmerizing where the person loses his will to do anything on his own and becomes receptive to another person’s commands. Current research has shown that hypnosis can effective solve several physiological and mental problems.Hypnosis at Vishwas Healing Centre is done under the supervision of trained and experienced hypnotists in a safe and relaxing environment. Its success depends on the level of cooperation and rapport which the client shares with the hypnotist.

What is self hypnosis?

As the name suggests, self-hypnosis is the art of hypnotizing yourself without the help of any therapist. It is extremely effective to reduce stress and build self-confidence. Much like doing meditation, self-hypnosis completely relaxes your body, loosening all the taut muscles, and impeding the flow of al stress-related hormones,At Vishwas Healing Centre we use this therapy with the help of continuous positive affirmations which in future helps the individual to practice self-hypnosis. It can be practised on a daily basis to reduce stress.

Why Hypnotherapy?

While this therapy is commonly used for people wanting to get relief from stress, tension, phobias and inner fears and anxiety; for treating tobacco, alcohol and drug addiction and for people who want to reduce weight – hypnosis can also be an excellent treatment option in the following situations and for the management of the following disease conditions:

  • Improve immune functions
  • Help in relaxation
  • Ease pain (increase threshold levels)
  • Hasten recovery time after surgery
  • Improves physical and mental health; reduces need for medication
  • Dentists use this therapy to control bleeding.
  • Helps in the management of chronic conditions
  • The following illnesses respond well to hypnotherapy:
    • Asthma
    • Irritable bowel syndrome
    • Chronic headaches
    • Insomnia, bed-wetting and addictions
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Skin disorders [ acne, psoriasis, and eczema ]
    • Ringing in the ears (Tinnitus)
    • Indigestion

Why Vishwas Healing Centre for hypnosis?

We at Vishwas Healing Centre offer a range of hypnotism services. Our therapists are well trained and experienced who are able to understand the individuals’ specific needs. Testimonials from past customers can give you some idea of how efficiently we work on this area of psychotherapy. Our range of services includes:

Past life Regression (PLR)
This is a technique of hypnotism using which the therapist can retrieve memories of past life. This technique works well when some kind of trauma or tragic memories haunts the individual. We use this technique to find the source of an emotional or physical problem which lay deeply embedded in the subconscious level of the mind. Some situations that demand this technique include irrational fear of water; any pain or illness that appears to be in-born; or a pessimistic view about love, relationships, etc. This method works even when the individual does not believe in past life, etc.
Life progression
This is yet another technique of psychotherapy which aims to make the individual think and act positive so that a healthy future can be created in the present moment. If a person feels that the future is hopeless, chances are that he needs to correct some of his existing behaviors to ensure a positive outcome. We believe that each of us is creating our futures every moment.
Age regression
In this process of hypnotism, the therapist helps an individual to go back in time, to revisit his childhood memories, remember his youthful days, the friends, associates, etc all of which are mostly forgotten by the conscious mind. Therapists use this method to treat phobias, unknown fears, to dig up buried memories of childhood abuse, etc which affect life at an adult age, but the individual cannot remember anything.
Releasing sessions
We may not be aware of this but most people have a lot of pent up feelings, stresses etc which over time can result in a host of physical and mental ailments. Releasing sessions in hypnotherapy consists of several one-on-one sessions with the therapist, where using hypnotic techniques, individuals can get permanent relief from pain, weight problems, emotional blockages and more.
Emotional cord cutting
This strategy of hypnotism therapy is used by Vishwas Healing Centre on individuals who feel bogged down with early memories, feel strong sense of guilt for past actions and feel burned down by old relationships, etc. Many of our clients have agreed that this therapy option has done them tons of good in the sense that at the end, it is one of the most empowering experiences where the person is freed from several types of emotional burdens.
Teaching and sessions of healing
We believe that a person should not depend permanently on a therapist for achieving his goals of mental and physical well-being. We strive to teach make him an independent thinker about both these aspects and realize that he has all the healing power, provided he knows how to use them at the right places. No matter what the problem is, our clients are taught several self-help strategies which can develop and nurture sound physical and mental health.
Self hypnosis
Like we do not prefer any individual to become completely dependent on us to retain good mental and physical health we also believe that an individual is fully capable of learning and raking several steps in hypnotism which can help him become independent, self-confident, happy and content. We at Vishwas Healing Centre tutor him to become the person that he dreams of being.
Hand writing analysis
Also called graphology, analyzing hand writing can become a very viable tool to diagnose a range of mental and physical disorders which affect the brain and the central nervous system.
Psychic reading
Though this may not be the master cure of your ailments, but undergoing a psychic reading session could help you get a deeper insight into the power that resides within you and the kinds of choices you have made. Your future opens up and you will feel positive towards facing it. At Vishwas Healing Centre we have expert psychic readers who help individuals to solve dilemmas, take informed decisions and provides with a sense of purpose and direction in life.