Free Your Mind And Rest Will Follow

Before you get to know the types of psychotherapy counselling we offer for various segments of customers, it is important to know what this therapy, often referred to as ‘talk therapy’ is all about. Research tells us that 95% of all illnesses that affect the body are because the mental health of the affected person is not optimum. Vice versa also holds true.

Therefore, for a holistic approach towards physical and mental well being, we focus on the mind first to rectify the thought process. Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy for the mind has several branches differing in their approach, all of which aim to bring the mind and body in harmony with each other as well as with the Universe at large. Psychotherapy also known as psychoanalytic therapy, including cognitive behavioural therapy CBT),Hypnotherapy, Interpersonal therapy Psycho-dynamic therapy and Individual counselling which is essentially a one-on-one session with a professional therapist.

What are the benefits of psychotherapy?

One of the biggest benefits of this therapy is that the client feels comfortable, safe and secure in the environment that we provide. He is encouraged to express his deepest emotions which might be interfering with normally accepted behaviour. More often than not, simply sharing one’s problems and dilemmas with a friendly and comforting expert, can bring great relief to the mind and the therapists’ reassurances can have great beneficial effects.

How does counselling help in restoring mental health?

Fortunately, nobody believes any longer that psychological counselling is only for crazy or mad people. More and more individuals, couples, parents and children are seeking professional help to manage their lives better, manage their thought processes and make choices judiciously.Essentially, counselling is nothing but ‘talking care’. While the client is having an intimate one-on-one talk with the therapist, the therapist tries to find a pattern in his way of thinking and reflexes. The therapist also explains the situation with another new perspective and elaborates on the illness that the person is suffering from, its causes and subsequent after-effects. For example, rational thinking and reducing stress can actually be a sustainable cure for depression.

Role of a Therapist's

Over and above creating a warm and comfortable therapeutic platform for the patient, our therapists play a key role in facilitating awareness, growth and development of his mind. The therapist is empathetic, caring and warm. We ensure that the friendly rapport between the therapist and the patient is strong and lasting, which, we believe is the key to successful treatment.We offer a large range of counselling services.
  • School guidance and career building: We have all known this for a long time that teachers are not the only professionals who shape a child’s way of thinking, chalk out career goals and help him meet the challenges of life ahead. Many children special guidance and counselling help them think maturely, set realistic goals and most importantly, become balanced human beings.On the other hand, after passing out of school or college, people also need professional psychiatric help in the form of counselling to make the right choice for further education, career selection, etc. Counselling is critical at this phase of one’s life as any wrong decision can make or break an individual’s future forever. This type of counselling helps the person to become aware, acquire skills and develop the ability to explore alternatives in their careers. In short, career counselling can help:
    • Broaden skills, abilities and knowledge
    • Enhance decision making abilities
    • Improve self-esteem, inter-personal relationships
    • Improve motivation levels.
  • Vocational counselling: Plenty of people harbour deep frustrations at their jobs. An unhappy job environment, lack of further opportunities, having trouble in maintaining jobs or technology getting obsolete can play havoc with the mind of an individual and bring great suffering. Therapists at VHC studies the current expertise and skill set of the individual and counsels him or her on how to enhance the education level, acquire additional job skills and counsel him or her on how to retain one\as positive attitude through this difficult phase.
  • Marital counselling: While getting married is easy, staying married is often difficult for many people. Emotional misunderstandings, financial insecurity, intellectual inadequacies, mutual compatibilities and various types of adjustment problems spoil marital harmony in many homes. Advice and suggestions from friends and family are often useless. These troubled couples need professional counselling help to sort our matters between themselves and lead a more meaningful and happy married life. At VHC we have repaired many dysfunctional marriages and helped them to lead happy lives.
  • Parental guidance and child counselling: Though parents have the best intentions in mind for their children, often they find parenting a tough task. We offer professional counselling help to parents so that they can use certain communication skills and enforce several assertive disciplinary steps in a consistent manner, which can result in improved behaviours, more disciplined actions and improved compliance both at school and home.On the other hand, childhood is not truly a time of carefree days. With growing competition and the rat race to accomplish great academic feat, many children are under tremendous peer pressure to excel. This results in unprecedented stress, which if not brought under control early on, can culminate in several chronic mental and health disorders during early adulthood and in future also. Parental advice is sometimes not useful and such children benefit a lot from professional counselling rendered by VHC expert therapists.
  • Pre-marital counselling: In today’s time and pace of life, many men and women find getting married, a tough proposition. Even when they agree, each one has a different set of expectations which most of the time cannot be met by either of the partners. Additionally, girls get into a different type of household, with a separate set of relatives and friends. Here adjusting to the new surrounding can be an uphill task and the ultimate casualty is the bond which the girl wanted to share with her husband. VHC offers expert guidance and counselling help to both men and women, before they embark on this journey together so that they learn to view matters more maturely, make compromises more easily and make judicious choices.
  • Counselling for depression: Depression is one of the most treacherous mental illnesses that has the power to destroy not just the quality of life but can invite several types of health disorders many of which are life-threatening. Disorders that have their origin with depression include: insomnia and other sleep problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.Yet with proper counselling for depression, many chronic depressives can come out of the poor state of mind and clear all mental blockades. VHC experts can easily identify the real cause of depression (could originate from a chronic health disorder). They do this with ‘talk therapy’ – the more the patient talks the closer his mind gets to the therapist. Individual counselling is drug-free and is considered to be one of the most effective ways to treat depression by clearing the mind of past and present debris.

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