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world heart day

World Heart Day

We have always been drawing hearts to symbolize our emotions, ever thought why? Though, emotions are regulated neurologically through our brains but it eventually affects our heart the most. It actually works like a chain reaction. We feel angry, anxious, tense, frustrated, frightened,...

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detox home energy

Detox Remedies For Happy Homes

I went to this new restaurant on the city’s outskirts and I instantly connected with the place. All I know is I loved the VIBESSSS!!!!!! Ever wondered, what kind of a ‘VIBESSS’ does your home produce to outsiders and most importantly –to YOU? Energy...

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karuna reiki healing

Karuna Reiki

You Have Infinite power within you and you are a part of this powerful universal knowledge and energy that is flowing all around you. Just as the sun shines lightness on the darkness of the Moon, you can use the energy of the...

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