I came for relationship problem and after 2 counselling sessions it has helped me a lot. It gave me clarity of what I have to do in my life and what is right and wrong. These sessions were much needed… it was a great experience.
I came here to learn healing therapies. The experience was great and my life transformed. I gained confidence, positive outlook, enthusiasm for life has increased. Thanks to the team of VHC.
I came here for adolescent counselling and its very much effective for me, It has encouraged me a lot. It empowered me and I am working on my personality. All thanks to Dr. Pooja and her team.

I had one of the most wonderful experiences here at Vishwas Healing Center. I would say two thumbs up. Thanks Dr Pooja Anand Sharma for your guidance.

This centre is an exception. Dr. Pooja heals psychologically. My life changed after joining the same. I have experienced miracles in my life. I am blessed with a healthy boy despite complications through out my pregnancy normally because of Vishwas Healing Centre.
clients-reviewHema Sharma
After joining the centre, I became more confident. My marital relations have improved, I lead a more healthy & balanced life.
My life has transformed with the help of Reiki. My confidence level has increased and have improved emotionally and spiritually. Thanks to Dr. Pooja for introducing me to Reiki and for giving a new direction to my life
clients-reviewRitu Arora
An epitome of positivity, more I say is less. Miss Pooja has an amazingly pleasant personality and is really influencing. God bless the team of Vishwas Healing Centre.
clients-testionialsKaran Saluja
Vishwas name itself suggests create confidence in me. I really motivated by Dr.Pooja. My life changed after joining Vishwas Healing Centre. Its environment is so friendly. I studied Healing Therapies, taught by Dr.Pooja. She also gave me practical knowledge which is great experience for me. Overall Dr.Pooja is The Best Teacher, Healer, Motivator, Counsellor, Transformer, Helper. Now I only see positivity in all sphere of my life. God bless the team of Vishwas Healing Centre.
clients-reviewShivangi Kumawat
The team at VHC has very sensitive and methodological approach towards the issues. I am really thankful to Dr. Pooja and her team for helping me through out.
clients-reviewMrs. Manisha
Dr. Pooja is an amazing healer and is very intuitive. I went to her with a life changing dilemma, and she was able to help me make a decision that I’ve been fighting with. Her energy was calming and amazing. I would much rather pay to see her rather than see a therapist any day. Highly recommended.
This place is for those who want an uplifting change in their lives. Transformation and change through wisdom and compassion, Vishwas Healing Centre keeps truly up to its name.
clients-testionialsArpan Tiwari
In all sessions, I feel that Vishwas Healing Centre is an excellent centre to overcome the non linearity related with the mind.
clients-testionialsAnshul Rajput
I was in trouble from last 5 years, I had a health issues. Dr.Pooja gave me the way & very good direction. She gave me very good counseling. Thank you so much! God bless.
I want to thank you so much for helping us save our marriage. I am forever grateful to you. You have gave such beautiful incitement on our connection. For others that are reading this, my husband and I were having a complete falling out and we knew we needed help in order for this marriage to work. When I found Dr Pooja there was a connection right away and I knew I wanted to see her. Going in I thought it would be like a marriage counseling session but I was blown away by her knowledge and gift. She informed us that this would be an intense healing process. She was so honest and so easy to talk to. At the end of our session my husband and felt such relief and trust. My reunion with my husband has been so special and so beautiful. Our communication is exactly what I always envisioned. Again a very special thank you to Pooja for letting us see the light.
My life was full of troubles and unusual experience but Vishwas Healing Centre team has cared me so much that I am glad to meet them. And I feel it is the best place where you can get rid off with your all the troubles totally and completely
clients-reviewGeetanjali Arora
I am thankful to Reiki for giving a new direction to my life and confidence in myself. Last year I suffered for 2 months with stomach infection which resulted in inflammation and Rheumatic Arthritis later. Initially my problem was not getting diagnosed with any of the doctor due to which i was visiting specialist one after another. My health got deteriorated because of this and confidence of coming to normal health was almost shattered. Finally i surrender myself to reiki and things started moving in my life in right direction. I got the right doctor and right treatment on time. Its been almost 1 year now since I started with reiki healing from Dr. Pooja Anand and I can feel the difference in myself. My medicines over the time has got reduced and am enjoying a normal life as before. Thanks to Reiki:)

Felt relaxing after the sessions. I am able to find myself back. Which would wont be possible without pooja mam .. She is just an angel. Truly one can able to recover so easily with the help of her … thanks pooja mam…..for being there as a guiding support.

Great Experience & relief within couple of sessions.

The most therapeutic experience of my life; transforming healing sessions with appropriate guidance at apt times… I will always be full of gratitude for the best-est turning point of my life… THANK YOU V.H.C.

clients-reviewAastha Tiwari
It was very beautiful experience to learn different energy uplifting techniques for Home. I am really happy being the part of this course, I used some techniques and see the results.
clients-testionialsNk Kh

The online class was a wonderful lot of pdf files shared felt a lot of bliss at home the methods for clearing negative energy at home were simple and yet so profound, the material’s mentioned were easily available although there was a lockdown in my area.

clients-reviewTina Dsouza
Attended Home Energy Workshop. Good experience Yet to try remedies.
clients-reviewAnindita Banerjee

Dr Pooja and her team highly sensible, accountable and treat each case with utmost care… The best part is the suggestions are simple yet powerful. It has opened a whole new paradigm and they handhold till you master yourself to navigate through your transitions till your evolution.

clients-reviewManideepa Ray
Very informative..helps a lot in bringing positive energy.. will gives me lot of confidence specially in today’s scenario. There is utmost need of it..thanks Dr. Pooja and her team…
clients-reviewRuchi Gupta

It’s a wonderful workshop. I have just completed it and it,s really helpful. The techniques are so easy and yet very effective. You need not be an expert in healing to join this. Anyone can join it and do the techniques easily. Also, the scan done by the mentor is extremely helpful. And, the exchange amount is very less. So, I think it’s a Golden Opportunity. My recommendation. Don’t miss this Workshop.

clients-reviewAnjana Khetan