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Psychology Internship Online

psychology internship

Vishwas Healing Centre‘s Psychology Internship/ Training

Online / Offline Learning cum Training Program for Budding Psychologists

Nearly 1 month Training

6 Modules

Basic Level

Overview of our Online Training Sessions

Module 1

Diagnostic Guidelines; ICD 10 & its applications in the clinical settings

Mental Status Examination & Case History Taking

Module 2

Counseling Skills for handling cases with confidence & empathy.

Intervention & Planning Therapy Sessions

Module 3

Orientation to Clinical Disorders

Real Case Analysis & Discussions

Module 4

Psychotherapies including BT, CBT, REBT

Moke Sessions, Counseling Role Plays & Skill Enhancement

Module 5

Foundation Level of Psychoanalysis; Foundation level of Dream Analysis & much more…

Moke Sessions, Counseling Role Plays & Skill Enhancement

Module 6

Introduction to;

Parenting Counseling

Child Counseling

Premarital Counseling

Marital Counseling

E certification & Letter of Appreciation

Early Bud Discount Available

Online Course Fees- Rs 4800

Offline Course Fees- Rs 6500

Join us now ! For more details and registration Call or WhatsApp us at 9899201645, 9911401645

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