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30 Techniques For Home Healing & Protection

Enroll To The Detox Your Home Energy 3 Days Online Whatsapp Workshop! Detox Home Energy & Protection Workshop is specially designed for people to equip them with the knowledge of how to uplift and harmonies the "Home Energy" and how to protect it from negative and unproductive energies. This workshop also Includes: A Free Consultation […]

Energy Therapy

Living a life of happiness, positivity and fulfillment is not about pretending that sadness and darkness does not exist. As a normal being, it obvious to experience feelings such as, staleness, heaviness, dense energy. The change arises when we transform such feelings into light through the means of our inner power. This is a time […]

Angel Therapy

5 Days Online Whatsapp Workshop Connect with Archangels and Angels and make your life more beautiful, protected and spiritually grow! Connect with Archangels and Angels to heal yourself and others! Learn Angel Therapy with Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma. Dr. Pooja has an amazing ability to communicate with Angels. With Dr. Pooja you will learn Angel […]