“Unlock the ‘Lama Fera Quantum Nexus’
for accelerated healing and energy protection,
free from superstition and long meditations, benefiting
healers, psychics, and yogis.”

Lama Fera Revolution

“Ditch the superstitions! ‘Lama Fera Revolution’ helps healers, psychics, and yogics wield ultimate protection symbols, ace Siddhikarana, and amplify their powers – fast!”


Lama Fera Quantum Mastery

These “secrets” highlight the unique and powerful aspects of the course, drawing potential students’ attention to what they can gain from enrolling in the program.

Harnessing Quantum Energy

In this course, you'll uncover the secret of harnessing the limitless power of quantum energy. Learn how to tap into this universal force to supercharge your healing abilities, achieve unparalleled protection, and manifest transformative results.

Rapid Mastery, No Superstitions

Discover the key to rapidly mastering energy healing without the need for outdated superstitions or long-winded rituals. This secret will show you how to achieve tangible, practical results in your healing practice with cutting-edge techniques.

Quantum-Level Intuition

Unlock the hidden potential of your intuition and psychic abilities. Through 'Lama Fera Quantum Mastery,' you'll gain the secret insight into sharpening your intuitive skills to unprecedented levels, enhancing your effectiveness as a healer and intuitive reader.

Price start at ₹9,999!

Within just 5 Days

Transform Your Energy

Experience a profound shift in your vitality and well-being

Elevate Your Intuition

Elevate your intuitive powers to new heights

Master Healing Skills

Master the most potent healing skills known in the industry

Release Foreign Energies

Learn to confidently release foreign energies from individuals and spaces.

After completing the ‘Lama Fera’ course, healers will be able to eliminate or significantly reduce several challenges and obstacles from their lives

Energy Drain

Healers will have the tools to protect themselves from energy drain and exhaustion that often occurs during intense healing sessions.

Healer's Burnout

The course provides techniques to prevent or alleviate healer burnout, allowing for a sustainable and balanced healing practice.

Negative Energies

They will be better equipped to remove or neutralize negative energies, whether they are attached to individuals or spaces.

Ineffective Healing

Healers will no longer struggle with ineffective or slow healing results, as they'll have mastered powerful healing skills.

Lack of Confidence

The course fosters confidence in their healing skills and abilities, enabling them to approach each session with assurance.

Outdated Methods

They can leave behind outdated or superstitious healing methods, embracing a modern, evidence-based approach.

These transformations empower healers to lead more balanced, effective, and fulfilling lives both personally and professionally.


Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences

“Emily’s astrology readings have been a guiding light in my life. Her accuracy and compassionate approach have provided invaluable insights and empowered me to make confident decisions.” – Sarah M.

“Through Emily’s astrology consultations, I’ve gained profound insights into my life’s purpose. Her expertise and empowering approach have helped me navigate transitions with confidence and grace.” – Lisa R.

“Emily’s intuitive readings have been transformative. Her clarity and ability to tap into spiritual guidance have helped me trust my intuition and embrace my authentic path.” – Mark T.



By registering before tonight, you’ll receive these valuable bonuses, totaling a perceived value of Rs. 10,000/-

Exclusive Video Training

Access to exclusive video modules on advanced healing techniques and practical demonstrations.

FREE:- ₹3,000/-

Interactive Worksheets

A set of downloadable worksheets to help you track your progress and enhance your learning experience

FREE:- ₹1,500/-

Access to Course Materials

You’ll have ongoing access to all course materials, allowing you to revisit and reinforce your learning whenever you need

FREE:- ₹2,000/-

Personalized Healing Toolkit

Receive a digital toolkit filled with resources, templates, and healing scripts to supercharge your practice

FREE:- ₹1,000/-

Bonus Group Healing Session

 A complimentary live group healing session with Dr. Amelia Steele

FREE:- ₹1,000/-

Exclusive Whatsapp Community

Lifetime access to exclusive Whatsapp community to Healers of Vishwas Healing Centre.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge in the field of energy healing.

Meet Your Coach

Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma: With an impressive 22 years in the healing and psychology industry, Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma is a revered figure. She’s not just a healer but a visionary, the Founder and Chairperson of the globally recognized Vishwas Healing Centre – an International Institute for Mental Health and Wellness.

Transformation Catalyst: Dr. Pooja is renowned as a transformation catalyst. Her work has had a profound impact, empowering over 1 lakh healers and individuals worldwide.

Mental Health Advocate: Dr. Pooja is a staunch advocate for mental health, championing the cause of wellness on an international scale. Her mission is to bring mental health and healing within everyone’s reach.

Global Reach: Dr. Pooja’s influence extends far and wide, touching countless lives. Her dedication to fostering mental well-being and healing has made her a true global force in the industry.

Visionary Leadership: Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma is a beacon of visionary leadership, guiding individuals and healers towards a brighter, more resilient future.

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