Love Paradise (Live In / Couples Retreat)

Love Paradise (Live In / Couples Retreat)

When you are passionate about relationships, it then becomes an integral part of your life. And Vishwas Healing Centre believes that for many of you here, your life has become a beautiful mess. Full of odds & ends you have picked up from the journey of your life; friends who are really are not friends at all, relationships getting broken or getting complicated, the list goes on & on. Our retreat program for you will become an entirely new way of understanding your love life, relationships & the forces that shape it. Indeed it is a modern method of personal growth based on ancient wisdom & it has actually helped thousands of girls & boys, women & men, find new meaning, purpose and direction in their lives. Our retreat will definitely help you clarify your past, understand your present and shape a bright future. Vishwas Healing Centre’s core objective is to help you get amazing breakthroughs in your lives.




Most couples and even those who are in live in relationships from across the world often go for this retreat, because they are having difficulties, or their vision is to form a new relationship or enhance the quality of the relationship or because they have experienced a break-up. In this retreat we help you nurture, create and mentor you towards sustaining a long-term loving relationship. “Emotional intimacy” gets redefined in this retreat.


This retreat may give you the wisdom that in your close relationships, you have two opposing desires: (I) the desire for intimacy & security (II) the desire for freedom & autonomy. So, every relationship is a dance of these two desires. So, in one of your relationships, you feel a bit insecure & your communication challenges leave you feeling distant, so you crave more intimacy & security. In another one of your relationships, you feel a little smothered sometimes, like you are so codependent & enmeshed that you crave more freedom & autonomy. And with this beautiful retreat you will be neither a needy person nor a standoffish person. But with the help of this retreat you will be finding that perfect balance of closeness & space, a dance that gets customized to the needs of each relationship.


We are all in this together, all striving for the same thing, & yet loving relationships seem to cause us so many difficulties.  See we understand when someone you care about ends a relationship; it can evoke feelings that range from disbelief to despair & everything in between. The toxic negative thoughts that comes isn’t merely hurtful; it can limit your future happiness, creating wounds & barriers that if unchecked can keep you from finding true love in the future. In fact, if you find yourself more upset about what this breakup “says about you” than about the loss of the person you care about, you are clearly heaping on self-condemnation & it’s time to alter your self-talk, even if that means joining this retreat which will definitely mentor you in embracing a positive perception.


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