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Energy Reiki Healing

Energy Healing Level 2 Workshop

Learn the next level for healing to make yourself more empowered and others with Powerful Symbols and Distant Healing Course Details For Energy Reiki Level-2:- Revision Reiki L-1 Introduction to the energy Concept How we can sense the energy 3 Powerful Reiki symbols (How...

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connecting with nature

Connecting with Nature

Every morning when we wake up, usually, we all have a set routine for the day. “Time for office” “time for school/college” and so on. And it’s possible that morning walk we planned for today will be shifted to tomorrow. And we again lose...

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Depression, Chakras and Healing – Things we need to know

Depression, Chakras And Healing Things we need to know

According to WebMd, Depression “is a mood disorder that makes you feel constant sadness or lack of interest in life.” From Energy Healing perspective, depression is a blockage in the chakras. Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies. The chakras associated with depression are –...

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