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Integrated Hypnotherapy And Past Life Regression Therapy (Diploma Course)

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression is not just a simple model of balancing or healing karmic life accounts or patterns, but this is a model of growth, of evolving into a new state of being. Benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression:...

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Clinical Hypnotherapy And Past Life Regression Workshop

In our Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression workshop, we have often noticed a common thread when it comes to relationships. Many people today are nowadays, experiencing a void in their love #relationships.They sometimes feel they are investing years of their life with someone who...

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past life regression session

Past Life Regression Session

Vishwas Healing Centre invites you for Past Life Regression Session on April 29, 2022. “Understanding yourself is the biggest gift you can give to yourself.” With past life regression, you can overcome your fears, emotional conflicts and pains with the wisdom of your subconscious...

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