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Vishwas Healing Centre is a holistic wellness centre that pays equal attention to the health of both mind and body. We believe that the mind and body share a intimate and intricate relationship where any illness affecting one, would immediately show up on the other and vice versa. The root cause behind majority of illnesses that affect the body can be traced back to the mind.

Our expertise on counselling and other alternate healing approaches including Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Tarot Reading, etc have healed thousands in this country.

At the outset is our holistic approach towards healthcare, where the health of the mind is as important to maintain as physical health. When the body is unwell, it shows on the mental well-being and vice versa. The mind is the ultimate deciding authority on how the body is going to function. Countless researches have shown that 98% of all illnesses are psychosomatic in origin. This means that the root cause behind all illnesses.

Therefore, our healing strategy primarily starts with the mind.There are several types of psychological counselling that we undertake, which along with many genres of traditional and alternate healing therapies pave the way for sustainable success in achieving all round health.

Based in Delhi, we also have a centre in Bangalore.

Psychotherapy & Counseling

Both psychotherapy and counselling consists of various strategies and practices. We apply these on individuals depending on his or her specific needs. In short, at Vishwas Healing Centre we apply a judicious combination of both to give the individual a better quality of life and free his from chronic ailments like depression, sleep disorders, marital or pre-marital problems and more. We are also adept at anti-addiction therapy which has benefited many. We offer our expertise at schools, hospitals and drug rehabilitation centres.

Alternate Healing Therapies

Alternate healing is a term which may not be new to many of us. High cost of therapy, risk of serious side effects, high chances of relapse and lack of efficacy are some of the common reasons for people around the world seek help from alternate healing therapies. A big drawback of allopathic drugs is that they merely treat the symptom, without probing deeper into the cause of the disease.
There are plenty of alternate healing therapies used by the world today and at Vishwas Healing Centre we take pride in mastering some of these mind-body healing techniques. No matter which technique we use, the ultimate aim of all our efforts is to strengthen the bond which the mind and body share. After all, it is the mind, which is at the centre of onset of the disease condition.


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It is critical that you buy these objects only after being recommended by a Feng Shui therapist and buy them from an authentic shop and not from any ordinary outlet. Vishwas Healing Centre is just not another online Feng Shui shop selling what is in most demand. We take great pain to decide on what is good for you and keep only genuine, properly manufactured Feng Shui items as well as healing crystals.