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We offer a wide range of specialized mental health services, including counseling for anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, relationship problems, and more. Our team of skilled psychologists and psychiatrists is here to help you overcome your challenges and improve your mental well-being.

We understand that taking the step to seek professional help can be difficult, but we assure you that you are not alone. Our compassionate and understanding therapists are here to create a safe and supportive space for you to talk about your experiences and work towards your goals.

Your mental health and complete well being is our priority.

Online Counseling & Therapy Services

Counseling For Teenagers

Nurturing resilience and supporting growth – empower your teenager with the guidance of counselling for a brighter, confident future.

Personal Growth And Mental Clarity

Invest in yourself, cultivate resilience. Embrace personal growth and mental well-being through transformative counseling.

Work Life Balance

Juggling the demands of work and life? Discover the art of balance and reclaim your time for a more fulfilling and harmonious existence.


Transform anxiety into empowerment through counseling – because your mental well-being deserves attention and care.


Light up the darkness within. Seek support, find solace – discover the strength to overcome depression with counseling.

Marriage Counseling

Strengthen your bond, reignite connection – discover the transformative power of marriage counseling.

Stress Management

Transform stress into strength. Navigate life’s challenges with resilience. Dive into the journey of stress management and unlock the keys to a calmer, more centered you.


Rewire your thoughts, reclaim your life. Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for lasting positive change.


Transform Obsessions into Triumphs: Discover the Healing Power of OCD Treatment and Counseling. Break Free from Limitations and Embrace a Life of Resilience.

Anger Management

Transform anger into understanding. Explore the healing journey with anger management counseling for a harmonious and balanced life.

Abnormal Behaviour

Navigating the complexities of abnormal behavior with empathy and support. Let’s foster understanding and promote acceptanceand mental well-being for all.

Panic Attack

Turn Panic into Power: Embrace Freedom from Anxiety with Expert Panic Attack Counseling. Your Journey to Peaceful Living Begins Here.

Online Counseling Packages

5 Session

1hr Per Session

Online Session
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Why Us for Online Counseling?

Best Online Psychologist & Counsellor

Best &  Recommended Sessions. Connect with the Head Psychologists in Vishwas Healing Centre.

Highest Quality Therapy Experience

Vishwas Healing Centre prioritizes quality therapy and counselling to all the clients. We believe in giving a transformational experience to all.

We assign the best psychologist and counsellor as per your case. We Choose the best for you.

Consult Best online Psychologist & Counsellor in India

Best Online Psychologist Consultation in India.

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