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Angel Therapy

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“Open yourself to an encounter with heaven, be as a little child. Release your desire to the winds of the universe. Trust your angels to catch your wish and bring it to you in a delightfully surprising way.” – Doreen Virtue

Through Angel Therapy, we learn how to communicate with the Angels, not only that we learn to recognize the signs and symbols angels use to guide us through crucial times. Some symbols are used to guide us and tell us that we are on the right path, some symbols are there to warn us that we might be diverting from our life purpose. It’s up to us to recognize the signs and symbols.
There are many angels and archangels, who have different “departments” to handle. Like Archangel Michael for Protection, Archangel Jophiel for matters related to Feminine energies, Archangel Gabriel for Children and Parenting, Archangel Raphael for Healing and more. Learning which angel deals with which issue and how to invoke, requesting that angel is an important step. There are many rituals that are learned in the workshop for strengthening your connection with the angels. Rituals for healing, for protection, for abundance, for happiness. 

Day 1 Schedule
• Acquire knowledge of the history of angels, as well as the different types of Angels, and their hierarchy.

Day 2 Schedule
• You will also learn how to connect with angels and discover how to open yourself up to them.
• How to invoke angel protection, the types of Angels you can call upon and what they are responsible for, and how to connect with your guardian angel.

Day 3 Schedule
• Elevating Your Vibration with the love of Archangels, Angels, and Guides.
• You will also learn about the shielding power of Angels and how this can benefit you.
• Looking in more detail at the 7 primary Archangels, before introducing the other Archangels and what their roles and responsibilities are and how angels may go about helping you.

Day 4 Schedule
• How Archangels doesn’t just help you with day-to-day and life events but helps with continuing your spiritual growth.
• Angel Energy Healing Meditation: With Archangel Michael & Archangel Raphael
• Developing your Psychic Abilities: You will learn to see, hear, feel, and know angel messages for you and others with the help of Angels, use of crystals, and using simple tools.

Day 5 Schedule
• Cord Cutting: You will learn to heal negative situations, your relationships, remove blockages, fears, phobias, let go of the past with the help of angels.
• Angel Card Reading: Learn to give 100% accurate answers/guidance for self and others.
• Manifest your desires with ease with the Angels.
• Know about angel numbers and their significance.

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Also, receive an E-certificate after 4days of  completion of the Workshop.
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Lots of Love and Healing vibes💕💕

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Jun 21 - 25 2024


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm



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