Psychology Internship Training Program

psychology summer internship

Psychology Internship Training Program

Vishwas Healing Centre‘s Psychology Summer Internship Training Program
(Learning cum Training Program for Budding Psychologists)

Are you currently studying psychology and aspiring to develop your skills to become a proficient psychologist? Are you seeking knowledge in diagnosing and effectively utilizing various approaches to psychotherapy and counseling? If so, Vishwas Healing Centre is delighted to offer you a rewarding experience through our well-designed summer internship program!

About Us: Vishwas Healing Centre is an esteemed international institute specializing in mental health and wellness. With over 22 years of dedicated service to society, we have established collaborations with renowned institutions such as the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), North Eastern Police Academy, Ministry of Home Affairs (Government of India), Amity University, IGNOU, Lovely Professional University, and Rotary International, among others.

Internship Duration: 1 month

Eligibility: Open to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Psychology, as well as individuals with a deep passion for becoming skilled psychologists and a strong commitment to personal growth, learning, and contributing effectively to the field of mental health.

Internship Overview:

Clinical Exposure: Gain deeper insights into therapeutic approaches, clinical settings, and real-life practices and programs.

Professional and Skill Development: Engage in case studies, analysis, and discussions led by experienced psychologists, designed to foster growth for aspiring psychologists.

Intensive Practical Experience: Collaborate extensively with our esteemed panel of psychologists, working on a variety of small and large-scale mental health projects, contributing towards shaping a world of healing.

Mock Session Opportunity: As an intern, you will have the valuable opportunity to observe and learn from seasoned professionals in the field, gaining practical insights and enhancing your understanding.

Certificate of Completion: Upon successfully finishing the internship, you will receive a certificate recognizing your participation and the valuable skills acquired during the program.

Appreciation Letter: Outstanding interns will receive a personalized appreciation letter acknowledging their exceptional contributions throughout the internship.

Join Us:

Invest in yourself this summer for a promising future in the field of psychology. This internship offers a golden opportunity to embark on your professional journey in mental health. We will provide guidance and mentorship, equipping you with effective solutions for transformation in the field of psychology practice.

Take a step towards a brighter future by joining our summer internship program at Vishwas Healing Centre. Discover the fascinating world of mental health and become an integral part of creating a better, healed world.

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For more details and registration Call or WhatsApp at 9899201645, 9911401645 or fill the registration form:


May 19 2023 - Jul 10 2023


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Vishwas Healing Centre

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