”Learn what your feelings are telling you from the wisdom of your subconscious mind.”

Psychotherapy can be used to help a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds. The following feelings are signs that an individual might benefit from this type of therapy:

  1. Overwhelming feelings of sadness or helplessness.
  2. An inability to cope with everyday problems.
  3. Difficulty concentrating on work or studies most of the time
  4. Drinking too much, substance intake, or being aggressive to an extent that is harming themselves or others.
  5. A sense that problems never improve, despite receiving help from friends and family.
  6. Feeling constantly on edge or worrying unnecessarily.

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There are many approaches to psychotherapy.

Some forms last for only a few sessions, while others may continue for months or years, depending on the person’s needs. Individual sessions usually last for around 45–90 minutes and follow a structured process.

Sessions may be one-to-one, in pairs, or in groups. Techniques can include talking and other forms of communication, such as drama, story-telling, or music.

Psychotherapy can help treat challenges and symptoms relating to mental health and emotions

Also known as talk therapy, psychotherapy aims to help a person understand their feelings and equip them to face new challenges, both in the present and the future.

Psychotherapy is similar to counseling, and the two can overlap. However, the former tends to look more deeply, addressing the underlying causes of a person’s problems as well as how to solve them.

To see positive results, a person will usually need to understand the need for change and be willing to follow the treatment plan as the specialist advises. They will also need to find a suitable therapist they can trust.

Psychotherapy can help when depression, low self-esteem, addiction, bereavement, or other factors leave a person feeling overwhelmed. It can also help treat bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and certain other mental health conditions.

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