Numerology Training Program

Discover the fascinating world of numerology and learn how numbers can influence various aspects of your life. This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of numerology, covering topics such as the Loshu grid, driver numbers, conductor numbers, horizontal and vertical planes, compatibility of numbers, lucky and unlucky numbers, characteristics of numbers, planetary associations, color symbolism, success lines, remedies for missing and repetitive numbers, linking numerology with Vastu, medical numerology, calculating name numbers, and finding lucky mobile and house numbers. Gain practical insights and techniques to apply numerology to enhance your personal and professional life.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction
– Introduction to the course and instructor
– Overview of the significance and applications of numerology

Module 2: What is Numerology?
– Understanding the basic principles and beliefs of numerology
– Exploring the historical and cultural context of numerology

Module 3: The Loshu Grid and Its Origin
– Introduction to the Loshu grid and its mystical properties
– Exploring the legend and origin of the Loshu grid

Module 4: Creating the Loshu Grid
– Step-by-step instructions on how to create the Loshu grid
– Understanding the numerical patterns and significance within the grid

Module 5: Driver Numbers, Conductor Numbers, and Kua Numbers
– Exploring the concept of driver numbers and their influence on personal qualities
– Understanding conductor numbers and their impact on external energies
– Introduction to Kua numbers and their role in Feng Shui

Module 6: Horizontal Planes
– Exploring the different horizontal planes in numerology
– Understanding the significance of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes

Module 7: Vertical Planes
– Understanding the vertical planes and their connection to past, present, and future
– Analyzing the sequential progression of events using vertical planes

Module 8: Success Lines
– Identifying success lines in numerology
– Understanding how success lines can guide personal and professional growth

Module 9: Compatibility of Numbers
– Exploring the compatibility between individuals based on numerological analysis
– Understanding the dynamics of relationships through numerical comparisons

Module 10: Lucky and Unlucky Numbers
– Exploring lucky and unlucky numbers in different cultures and belief systems
– Using this knowledge to make favorable choices and avoid potential pitfalls

Module 11: Characteristics of Numbers
– Analyzing the unique characteristics and symbolism associated with different numbers
– Understanding personality traits, strengths, and challenges through numerical analysis

Module 12: Numbers, Planets, Colors, and Directions
– Exploring the associations between numbers, planets, colors, and directions
– Understanding the energetic influences of numbers in different aspects of life

Module 13: 81 Combinations Explaining Compatibility with Numbers
– Detailed analysis of 81 combinations to understand compatibility between individuals
– Exploring the strengths and challenges in various numerical connections

Module 14: Remedies for Missing Numbers
– Understanding the significance of missing numbers in birth dates and names
– Applying remedies to balance energy and create harmony

Module 15: Remedies for Repetitive Numbers
– Exploring the meaning behind repetitive numbers in daily life
– Utilizing appropriate remedies to align with the energy of repetitive numbers

Module 16: Linking Numerology with Vastu
– Understanding the connection between numerology and Vastu Shastra
– Harmonizing missing numbers in Vastu to enhance positive energies

Module 17: Medical Numerology
– Exploring the concept of medical numerology
– Analyzing the influence of numbers on health and well-being

Module 18

: Calculating Name Numbers and Giving Compatible Name Numbers
– Learning how to calculate name numbers in numerology
– Providing compatible name numbers based on numerological analysis

Module 19: Lucky Mobile Numbers and House Numbers
– Understanding the significance of lucky mobile numbers and house numbers
– Applying numerological principles to select auspicious numbers for mobiles and houses

Module 20: Lucky Colors
– Exploring the symbolism and energetic influence of colors in numerology
– Discovering lucky colors based on numerological analysis

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Course Conclusion:
– Recap of key concepts and insights gained from the course
– Guidance on how to apply numerology in various aspects of life

By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of numerology and its practical applications. You will be equipped with the knowledge to analyze numbers, interpret their meanings, and make informed decisions based on numerological insights. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, professional success, or a deeper understanding of yourself and others, numerology can provide valuable guidance and perspective.

Enroll now and unlock the secrets of numerology to embark on a transformative journey.

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