We all have heard a lot about the benefits of developing spirituality and how it gives a better meaning to our life and bring about happiness. But in this busy lifestyle, people often think they do not have enough time to indulge in such practices. In reality, if one can invest just 15 minutes of their time in some very simple activities, it can develop their spirituality as well as every individual will get to spend time with the most amazing in their life i.e., themselves.

  • Count your blessing (Gratitude journal)

    Every morning, one can wake up and write down at least 3 things they are thankful for in their life and each day they will have to write 3 new things without repeating. It helps us remember all the blessings that we have and, on a day when they sky is grey, this journal can help lift our spirits.

  • Love the nature

    A walk across the park, a warm cup of tea sitting in your balcony, birds chirping early in the morning, they can help you feel more connected to the universe as a whole rather than the rat race that you are running in. indulging in enjoying the beauty of nature without thinking of anything. Let your mind be an empty canvas that they nature can paint in its own color.

  • A smile a day keeps bad thoughts away

    It might sound very weird but if we try to smile through our day and try to be kind to everyone who crosses our path, at the end of the day we will have a peaceful sleep thinking of the beautiful smiles that came our way.

  • Deep breath in…deep breath out

    All the deep breathing techniques if practices regularly can help our mind relax and ease the stress enough to be able to think about the situation rationally. It will require just 3 minutes to the max to perform but the effects will be instant. For added benefit, add a glass of water to it.

  • Say Om

    People often associate the chant Om with praying to some deity. But in all honesty, Om is the sound of the universe. By chanting Om when one is meditating, it creates such vibrations in our brain which makes more neurons to be fired and activate our brain more. That increases the efficiency of our brain. Everyday for just 15 minutes either in the morning or before going to bed, meditating with the chant of Om can bring calmness and happiness.

All these techniques will take very less time and resource investment but the effect will be very beneficial. It will help one connect better to their inner self and develop their spirituality. It will bring calmness and better understanding of their happiness.  

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– Ankita, Intern

(The views/opinions are solely of the Interns and is there for general information and awareness purpose only. It is strongly recommended that people should always consult the professionals. Call us at +918920354903, +919899201645, +919911401645, to know more about appointments.)

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