Hello Everyone

Today we will talk touch upon an important topic where people start labeling / identifying themselves under that conditional without actually being in that state.

We will talk about Anxiety today.

As we know that Corona / Covid-19 has spread very quickly across the world. Though it is better managed and controlled in India, but this entire situation has affected the mental state of people.

The state of mind is not that relaxed, they are scared and in a fearful state and overthinking and that is further leading to Anxiety.

We have to discuss what is Anxiety.

What is it?

Anxiety; if we describe in simple words (not from Psychological point of view) – Anxiety is uneasiness of mind that creates a restless condition in you.

Uneasiness of mind can of many kinds.

We must understand why we experience uneasiness of mind. What are the factors that causes uneasiness of mind?

There are 2 major reasons:

  • First is when do a negative self-talk.
    Whatever we say to our self are negative sentences. Remember, as what we eat is for the well-being of our body; similarly, what we think – our thoughts and inner self talks are for the well-being of our mind. We need to understand that as we are always conscious about our diet; whether the food we are eating suits us or not, if I’m allergic to the given food or not, we tend to mostly choose healthy food. Similar awareness is needed for thoughts, we must be aware about what thoughts we can give to our mind; thoughts are food for mind. We need to understand and realize if we are giving positive thoughts or negative thoughts to the mind. If we are continuously engaged in negative self-talks then it adversely affects our mental health.
  • Second is Overthinking.
    Whenever we indulge in thinking about anything repeatedly and consistently – and if this leads to overthinking then you can as well experience bodily symptoms like increased heart rate, sweating, breathlessness, heaviness in chest. All these symptoms suggest Anxiety. Usually it is not a single symptom but its combination of symptoms and factors; both emotional and bodily. And we are going to discuss some of these symptoms today. As in a scenario where someone when gets into a very micro analysis of even a very wonderful thing can find a lot of faults and the focus rather shifts from appreciation of the art towards the flaw which otherwise are not relevant; similarly when one gets into overthinking he / her can find issues with a person, situation or even self. Overthinking always leads to negative thinking followed by negative state of mind and body.

Symptoms of Anxiety:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Sweating on palms and body
  • Not able to focus and concentrate. Some people even experience situations where they don’t even realize if someone is talking or calling them.
  • During Anxiety along with other symptoms some people experience irritability, dizziness, fatigue and even choking / heaviness on chest.
  • Feel like leave and run away from that very moment and situation
  • Lack of sleep or in extreme situations even insomnia
  • Low appetite
  • During Anxious state we usually experience a combination of these symptoms.

Now we know the symptoms usually experienced during the Anxiety / Anxious state

Now I’ll be discussing 6 very simple steps that we can follow to lower the Anxiety in few seconds

It is very important to follow these step by step

  • Be aware of the body responses. Remember the body responds and shows some of the mentioned symptoms whenever you experience Anxiety. Just be aware and catch these symptoms when given by your body.

  • Leave the space. If you are sitting on a chair, then change the position or sit on another chair. If you in a room, then go to another room. It is very important to change the space. Move from that area. That is step 2 which is very important. Leaving the space immediately.

  • The third is go in the Kitchen, take a glass of water and sip the water. Sipping the water is important here. We don’t have to gulp the water we have to SIP the water. So, sip the water, have one glass of water and after that move out to an open space that is step 4.

  • Moving out in an open space where you can experience, you can feel the open air, light, nature and plants. And I’ll say if you have plants and greenery around then sit there for some time and do the step 5.

  • The step 5 is very important again. Step 5 is remembering 5 happy memories of your life. Just think 5 happy memories of your life and that person who has contributed to those happy memories without whom these memories wouldn’t have completed. And thank those people.

  • The 6th step which is again very important when after counting on your happy memories and thanking the person who has contributed to the happy memories the step 6 is hugging yourself. Give yourself a hug. Hold yourself and give yourself a hug.

And say thrice that “I’m Enough”, “I’m Enough”, “I’m Enough”.

As I’ve already told you in my last video this is a very beautiful way of reassuring and creating a sense of security. This will immediately lower down the anxious state you are having and when you go back home hug your friends, hug your mother, hug your parents, hug your kids, loved ones I mean that will further lead to reassurance and validation and lower down the Anxiety immediately. Talk to them. Try to talk to them about how you are feeling.

And still friends if you feel that I’m doing this, and Anxiety is somewhere it helps me at that point and I permanently want a solution, then take a professional help. They will help you deal with your belief system and they help through various techniques. There are many tools to overcome anxiety so the professional will teach you those tools and will help you to deal with Anxiety permanently.

So, I hope these 6 very simple steps helps you to overcome Anxiety.

You can share this with your friends and family members who are feeling at this point when people are scared and very fearful. These are 6 very simple steps that will help them.

Share that with your friends and relatives.

So, I’ll come again with another video about “Overthinking”. Till then “Stay Home Stay Safe”. And take care.

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