Behavior is the key term that helps to define the personality of an individual . A person reacts to a situation as per his behavior which reflects his / her thoughts but if the behavior does not match with the particular situation it is termed as Abnormal Behavior.

Abnormal psychology deals with the people whose behavior might be atypical or abnormal in comparison.

We cannot define abnormal behavior in words but can be noticed by the actions and thoughts an individual shows while involved in various activities . Abnormal behavior can be caused due to physical illness or disability , brain damage, malnutrition, heredity related factors etc. If the person do not react normally and he/she experiences following behaviors : –

◦ Often gets angry

◦ Blaming others

◦ Not indulging themselves in entertainment related activities

◦ Failing to adjust in the environment

◦ Can’t handle frustration

◦ Physically hurting others

◦ Not following rules ,etc.

All the above behavior needs to be correct through abnormal behavior counseling sessions .

The counseling sessions helps to recognise the root cause. At Vishwas Healing Centre, the best psychologists in Delhi/India  provide mental wellness therapy that can cure abnormal behavior and help the individual to control his/her emotions as per the situations.

Vishwas Healing Centre is one the best counseling centre who uses an integrative approach towards wellness.

Symptoms of Abnormal

Behavioral therapists use empirically tested techniques, assuring that clients are receiving both effective and brief treatment

Evidence-based therapies (EBT) are a hallmark of both behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy 

Most studies show that behavior therapy methods are more effective than no treatment 

Emphasis on ethical accountability (does not dictate whose behavior or what behavior should be changed)

Address ethical issues by stating that therapy is basically an education process; an essential feature of behavior therapy involves collaboration between therapist & client

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Benefits of Abnormal Behavior

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Bizarre Behavior


Disruptive Behavior


Rejection by Friends and Family

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