In OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a person has unwanted or obsessive thoughts which leads him to compulsive behavior.

OCD is all about obsessive thoughts or compulsory physical activities that are experienced as dysfunctional. It is observed the majority of OCD conditions are attributable to an emotional and developmental cause.

OCD can be very difficult for a person to deal with and treatment and therapy can be really helpful in such cases.

OCD counseling in Delhi at Vishwas Healing Centre helps the patient by providing deep relaxation, this relaxation state helps neutralize one’s intense emotions. As you are very much aware that OCD is rooted in pervasive anxiety. Being able to reduce this anxiety can be paramount in intervening with clients successfully. Certain symptoms also include – impulsive repetition of a ritual,  repetitive checking, continuously asking for reassurances from others, hoarding, rearranging or reorganizing, and more.

OCD treatment therapy sessions focus on teaching the clients to identify the difference between their original and OCD thoughts. Our final objective is to reprogram and rewrite the unhelpful scripts in their mind. Changing these scripts can definitely break bad habits and introduce a healthier way to function in life.

Symptoms of OCD

Having unwanted thoughts, Impulses


Having to think about or say something over and Over


Having to do something over and Over


Doing something over and over according to certain Rules

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Benefits of OCD






Reduce stress

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