About Tarot Card Reading Sessions & What is it?

Tarot card reading is one the ancient tools of divination, with the help of which you can get guidance about your present situations, future events and past situations as well. A tarot card reader is able to interpret the meaning and symbols of the card to bring the wisdom and guidance about your life’s circumstances.

Tarot reading sessions can become the tool to guide you towards betterment and development. Tarot is a tool which can give you deeper insight about your life situations and what you may need to do.

Tarot Card Reading Online Consultation

Tarot Reading is a journey of self-exploration and personal growth and development. We also provide online consultation.

The Tarot Card reader and the Querent don’t really have to be at the same place. Readings can easily take place online, meaning even with the absent Querent thinking about the question as the reader deals the cards, the reading can be done.

A Tarot reading session may let you know what could happen if you continue on the path you decide upon, but ultimately it is up to the Querent to take the responsibility of doing the actions and choosing their own direction.  The Tarot can reveal the possibilities and probabilities, not certainties. The tarot reading doesn’t seal your fate, but it gives you the guidance to help you along the way.

Dr Pooja Anand Sharma

Founder | Chairperson, Vishwas Healing Centre

Be it your everyday worries or your long time prediction, we have the answer for you through the Tarot Cards. Dr Pooja Sharma’s knowledge and experience as a Tarot and Angel Card Reader, has brightened up many individuals and shown them the positive ways toward leading their life. She has her practice in Delhi. Over the years she has helped people in various walks of life to understand and solve their problems and has emerged as one of the best tarot card readers in Delhi, India.

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