When children fail to express themselves, at their earlier stages of life, they may develop a feeling of loneliness which may result in depression, anxiety, stress or other mental problems . The child fails to express their feelings and thoughts to their parents due to parents’ non-supportive behavior.

Most of the time, parents are not aware of their children’s liking and disliking and they are forced to involve themselves in activities decided by their parents. The parents become more protective and demanding of their child and this stops the child from being independent. At the same time a child can also face mental or physical challenges. In the session, the parents who are unaware about the conditions of their children are given guidance to understand their children and provide them with all those facilities which makes them feel comfortable.

Family counseling is considered to be an important factor which also resolves issues and concerns pertaining to the child. Parent child Counseling sessions are conducted for parents and children to make a change in family environment and to deal with the issues faced by their children. These sessions help parents to accept the personality of the child and help them to overcome issues faced by the child.

Sessions for child counseling are different from the adult sessions but at the same time it becomes more important to counsel a child under their parents guidance to provide them love, affection and support . These sessions also help parents to provide a healthy environment so that they can grow into a healthy adult.

Symptoms of Parent and Child Counseling

 Obsessive Behaviors

Body Image Problems

Fear, Worry, & Distress

Inattention & Hyperactivity


Severe Mood Swings

Problems Focusing

Sadness & Hopelessness

Specific Learning Disorder

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Benefits of Parent and Child Counseling

Counseling helps you to be closer to your child

Counseling will help you correct your own Behavior

Counseling will help you when you no longer know what to do

Children learn how to articulate their Thoughts

Positive emotional Expressions

Academic Progress.

Helps parents to understand their ward Better


The most important benefit of child counselling is that the children get a safe space to talk to a third person who isn’t a parent, sibling or family member

Offline Counseling Session

Face to Face Interaction

Hands on


Online Counseling Session


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