The word dialectic (in Dialectical Behavior Therapy) means to balance and compare two things that appear very different or even contradictory. In dialectical behavior therapy, the balance is between change and acceptance. You need to change behaviors in your life that are creating more suffering for yourself and others while simultaneously also accepting yourself the way you are. This might sound contradictory, but it’s a key part of this positive transformation.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy depends on acceptance and change, not acceptance or change. In life, you often distress yourself about choices you have made, words you have spoken, and the decisions not taken. Or you constantly dwell on the future, postponing your happiness with thoughts about what is missing or wrong in the present moment. Indeed, these thoughts and judgments are the real sources of your emotional pain. And even your identity gets formed & shaped by your previous experiences, both good and bad. It is not impertinent to mention here that, negative experiences with other people can lead to long-lasting pain and fears. Indeed, your view of life can be easily tainted by your setbacks, hurts, and disappointments. And then the chains of your past are created when you go through emotionally upsetting experiences. So if they are strong enough, they keep you in place and prevent you from growing. They can change how you see yourself, others, the world around you, and even life itself. They can taint your attitudes and behaviors. Suppressing the pain can lead to further pain down the road. They are a major influence that can hold people back from becoming who they want to become.

So keeping all these aspects in mind, we are introducing a workshop called Emotion Decoding & Life Skills, to help you navigate with emotional difficulties you are facing in your life. Needless to mention that workshop is easy to fit into your schedule, with a price tag that gives you a valuable education you can afford.

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