Crystal Energy is a concept that has been around for thousands of years with ancient civilizations harnessing the energy of crystals.
Crystal Energy is the vibrations that crystals, rocks, stones, or fossils give off. Some have a higher vibration than others depending on their structure, mineral content, color, shape, size, and age.

When we learn how to work with the crystals, they can change the lives of people.

A crystal has an amazing abundance of power in them. In a Crystal healing course you learn the many uses of crystals; they generate, store, regulate, transmit, and absorb energy. They attract and repel. They help in harmonizing the surroundings and the body, which you can experience in a Crystal healing session.

Crystal healing training prepares on how to use the crystals. Crystals are sacred as well as powerful. They need to be respectfully approached and used so that it works well at its highest potential. Crystals should be cleansed and pre-programmed beforehand. When not in use, wrap your crystals in clean silk or velvet cloth. This protects your crystal against absorbing negative energies. Crystals need regular cleansing, when you buy them, after wearing or using them for healing.

Vishwas Healing Centre, in their Crystal Healing Certification Course teaches you how to connect with crystals, cleanse them and their uses. We also provide Online crystal healing course. Join the course today. Call or whatsapp us at – 9899201645, 9911401645

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