Stress Management for Students

There are 2 different sources of stress: External and Internal triggers. An external trigger is like getting a poor grade or peer pressure. Whereas Internal trigger is like placing high expectations on yourself.

Every student faces stress in their daily lives and it’s important to remember that a certain amount of stress is an inevitable and useful part of studying. It assists students to work harder, be focused, and return to the study rather than doing other things. However, if students are too stressed to study, or it’s creating hindrance in daily life or it’s affecting their health, then it’s necessary to go for counseling for stress management/stress management counseling.

And at Vishwas Healing Centre, one of the best counseling centres in Delhi, you learn stress management techniques for students, which helps them in dealing with stress in an effective way.

The sessions for stress management for students include learning techniques, identification of the issue, and more. We use an integrative approach towards overall wellness to help the students in this process. The modalities used are – counseling, psychotherapy, energy healing, crystal healing and more.

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