What is Distant Healing

Distant or Remote Energy Healing is a wonderful healing modality where an Energy Healer and practitioner sends healing energies towards a person, group, event, or situation in the past, present or future.

How Does an Energy Healer Work?

There are many ways how distant Reiki healing sessions are conducted. Just as in direct methodology of treatment, in remote energy healing too, Reiki flows to where it is needed. Distance does not interfere in the sending or receiving of Reiki flow nor does it take any more effort to send it across the seas to other parts of the world. The only prerequisite for a distance healing session is to seek permission to have this healing energy flow towards the client and this apart the client’s sincere willingness to receive it.

With this amazing modality of wellness you enrich & heal relationships, cleanse financial blockages, heals your infertility issues, resolve past life issues, align with your life purpose for manifestation of future goals, your career growth and also professional growth.

Reiki energy produces Highest Results for The Highest Good & will never override a person’s free will or have any side effects. It depends upon the capability and experience of the master. Vishwas Healing Centre has had more than 22 years of experience with Distant Healing with wonderful results.

Reiki is powerful healing energy effectively transmitted remotely across any distance. For many years, Beth Wishbow RMT, Reiki Master Therapist, has provided Distance Healing Sessions to people around the world with very positive results. People feel the energy and experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. 

As a certified Reiki Master Therapist & Teacher, Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma is able to accurately scan your body remotely, locating sites of imbalance and helping to heal underlying energetic causes. She engages your participation by providing you with empowering tools for self-healing.

Reiki Distance Healing Sessions include phone communication. Many healing techniques are provided, such as scanning, clearing of blocks, biofeedback, mind/body techniques, affirmation work, chakra balancing, grounding, cord release, shadow work, angelic and sound healing, guided meditation and mindfulness.

During Reiki Distance Sessions people often experience remission of physical, mental and emotional symptoms, release of pain and tension, and wonderful sensations such as warmth, tingling and deep relaxation. It also brings inner peace, expansion of conscious awareness, answers to deeply rooted questions and challenges, an opening of one’s intuitive abilities, and a feeling of being deeply loved.

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