Teenagers are at their most significant stage of life. Being the most dynamic biologically, mentally, emotionally and socially, there is so much to be taken care of. It is a time in life where their emotional development is required to be valued ,cared for and equipped rather than random dismissals, ignorance and displacement methods. This cognitively and emotionally active life stage shapes the entire adulthood and their life skills. It is hence crucial to look deeper into teenage matters. 

Emergence of Teenage Counselling

Dismissing how Teenagers are impacted means missing a vital part of what is important to them and who they are becoming. 

Teenagers experience the world around them deeply and they are filled with so many dilemmas which result in mental stress, anxiety issues, emotions mismanagement, anger issues, traumas, guilt, depression, personality disorders and other issues. It is therefore an absolutely necessary walk towards healing and wholeness into adulthood 

Cues For The Need of Teenage Counselling

It is not easy to determine if your child needs guidance and counselling . Here are some cues that might help you understand your Child’s need for counselling and helping him lead into a healthy and happier direction.


  1. Defiant behaviour Defiant behaviour in adolescence is characterised by resistance or disobedience towards authority figures and rules. Defiant behaviour to some extent is normal and can even be healthy in adolescence.However it can be stretched and can stem from attempt to meet the need for power and control in unhealthy ways. 
  1. Changes in interest and habits During adolescence, individuals often undergo significant changes in interests and habits. Many habits acquired during adolescence last a lifetime. They explore new activities, form diverse friendships, and develop personal preferences as they navigate the process of self-discovery and identity formation. 
  1. Social isolation Social isolation in adolescence refers to a state in which individuals withdraw from social interactions, often experiencing a lack of connection with peers and feeling alone, it may impact emotional well-being and social development during this critical stage of life. 
  1. Self harm Self-harm in adolescence involves intentional, self-inflicted injuries or behaviors, often from emotional distress, invalidation from parents or difficulty coping with stressors. It is a concerning issue that may require professional help and support to address the challenges and promote healthier coping mechanisms 
  1. Insecurities In adolescence, individuals commonly experience insecurities, which are feelings of self doubt or uncertainty about aspects of their appearance, abilities, or social standing. These insecurities can arise due to physical changes, social pressures, or the pursuit of identity, and they may impact self-esteem and overall well-being during this transitional period. 
  1. Mood swings/cranky behaviour/inability to handle emotions Mood swings in adolescence refer to abrupt and intense changes in emotional states, which are common due to hormonal fluctuations, brain development, and the challenges of navigating identity and social relationships during this stage of life. 
  1. Struggling with self identity/gender identity Adolescents with gender identity have incompatibility with the experienced gender identity and their gender assigned at birth. 

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What Can We Help You With?

Teen counselling is therapeutic approach specially curated for teens.Teens participate in talk therapy in a safe environment with a mental health professional with the aim to Better understand and express their feelings, identify and solve problems and develop a healthy coping mechanism. 

By providing a non-judgemental and a personalised space to the teenage, we deeply analyse your past and present circumstances and understand the exact root cause towards a wellaligned and easier future. 

We understand and respect your uniqueness and we craft the complementing counselling plans which is personalised to you, something that embraces your individuality, your unique attributes and will address your needs with care and precision. 

We at Vishwas healing centre offer unwavering support from beginning to triumph, ensuring your therapy reaches a successfully fulfilling conclusion. 

We at Vishwas healing centre believe in holistic development and overall growth. 

PROGRAMMES WE OFFER Vishwas healing centre feels honoured to serve you with distinctive domains to help the society towards a healthier future. For each obstacle of life, we have an ample number of possibilities to offer from psychotherapeutic and healing methods. 

Some of the programmes that we have specific to teenage counselling includes : 

  1. Emotional decoding and life-skills : helping the adolescent to deal with varied emotions such as anger, grief, attachment issues, guilt, fear, insecuritites, depression, anxiety and stress and all the mood swings which comes complementary with puberty. 
  2. Self-hypnosis 
  3. Past-life regression and futiure life progression 
  4. Mindfulness and dream analysis 
  5. Yoga and meditation (includes a PCOS/PCOD focussed session) 
  6. Relationship counselling: designed variedly according to the relation-type for friends, family and loved ones, also helps in resolving in any sort of conflicts to seed a deeper meaning to the relations and enhancing the sustainability of the relationships. 
  7. Career counselling. 


At Vishwas, we understand how the energies align you with your highest potentials. We come up with the most distinctive and result-promising alternate healing methods which includes: 

  1. Psychic reiki 
  2. Karuna reiki 
  3. Bach flower remedies 
  4. Lama fera 
  5. Healing crystals 
  6. tarot reading

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