A Comprehensive Experiential (Internship in Clinical Psychology)


Vishwas Healing Centre ​aims to provide theoretical inputs and hands-on clinical experience in areas of clinical psychology. We strongly believe that as a student of clinical psychology, you are engaging in a process of trying to make sense of numerous personal, academic and professional factors to create and develop a way of seeing the a therapeutic world that is standardised, reliable, valid and which ultimately gives you results and heals your clients. And we at Vishwas Healing Centre believe in mentoring you towards solely towards this vision.

The objective is to help prepare the trainees for​ Enhancing your skills and their competencies in Mental Health Services.

  • Improving skills to interview clients in case history taking and mental status examination.
  • Having a clear understanding of symptomatology and etiology of various disorders according to the classification system of DSM-IV and ICD-10.
  • Practical experience to various interventions and therapeutic strategies in clinic settings.
Broad Framework
  • Interventions and therapeutic strategies in clinical settings.
  • Interns will have frequent tests & this apart will have to make presentations & complete assignments on time.
  • Interns will attend project related discussion with their respective supervisor.
  • The intern will be required to observe cases (psychiatry/psychology).
  • Interns will conduct psychology assessment (behaviour analysis) under supervision.
  • Interns will do basic psychotherapies and counselling under supervision.
  • Project related skills training will continue as per the discretion of respective supervisors.
General Guidelines

The certificate will be issued only on completion of the above-mentioned requirements of the curriculum.

Areas of focus for Clinical Skills Training
  1. Case History Taking & Mental Status Examination
  2. Practical training (with reference to case study) in differential diagnosis according to DSM-IV/ICD-10 criteria of various psychological disorders.
  3. Orientation to the following therapeutic Interventions:
        • Family Psychoeducation & Therapy
        • BT / CBT / REBT
        • Counselling Techniques
        • Crisis Intervention
        • Parenting Skills Training
        • Use of Storytelling/Art Therapy
        • Psychoanalysis
        • Hypnotherapy etc…

On Completion of the Internship, the Interns shall be provided with the certificates & letter of appreciation. For details & registration contact us at 9899201645, 991140645 or visit: https://www.vishwashealingcentre.com/reservation/