Psychoanalysis is all about cure and cure at its roots means care

The founder of Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud was the revolutionary and like all revolutionaries was much maligned misunderstood and misrepresented. Vishwas Healing Center believes the psychoanalysis is a powerful therapeutic approach to conceptualize and investigate the human mind, behavior and relationships. Psychoanalysis is actually a proactive perspective on the human mind that can’t be denied. Today is psychoanalysis has come to mean three things:

  1. A technique of investigation.
  2. Form of Psychotherapy.
  3. A general theory of psychology.

Psychoanalytic approaches strongly believes that the capacity to form mutually satisfying relationships that depend on the ability to integrate positive and negative aspects of others and oneself.

One of the famous psychoanalysts Donald Winnicott was of the opinion there is True Self and False Self within us. The False Self is a defensive structure, a faulty adaptation to an environment that has not been conducive to the development of the True Self during the formative months of infancy. In therapy sessions clients with a False Self regress to a state of dependence on the therapist who then response to encourage the emergence of the True Self.

Self Realization

Vishwas Healing Centre strongly believes that psychoanalytic sessions are all about Self-Realization. It leads to the development of human potential in 3 basic directions:

  1. Towards others to express love and trust.
  2. Against others to express healthy oppositions.
  3. Away from others towards self sufficiency.

Our objective is liberating client from blockages that forces or stops the healthy growth in relationships and in life.