Only a few have deciphered the formula of ever-lasting growth in their life. It is somewhere deep-rooted in a clear head that knows what one wants and then the only need left is for consistent efforts to outgrow the odds. But, to achieve this consistency cumbersome task and skill to master. At Vishwas healing centre, we feel passionate to equip people with such skill and enhance their personal growth multiple folds.

Bainishing Brain-Fog

A phase of unreasoned lethargy, disorientation, having difficulty in task completion, forgetting tasks or forgetting words in the conversation, inability to concentrate and difficulty of any sort to think clearly on daily routines are all signs of a condition, commonly called Brain fog. Lack of mental clarity originates from functioning ability of brain limbic system. Limbic system of the brain is responsible for executing the cognitive functions such as span of attention, planning tasks, organising, logical thinking and problem solving and regulation of emotions and morals. This is the reason, the condition is also popularly known cog-fog. Consequently, it starts to reflect in one’s life management; it affects the external factors and diminishes the brain’s ability to focus. The most common symptom that you’ll notice in the very beginning is the inability to carry out daily communications and forgetting words while speaking.

Barriers to mental clarity and personal growth

Lack of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, poor lifestyle habits, stress/anxiety and even depression can induce the mental fogging bringing our daily lives to ugly cease. Reading self-help books and participating in developmental activities alone cannot solve the problem at hand. It is always advised to take help from professionals, there is a need for a coach or therapist that can work like a guiding light to the person.

We at VHC, help people with throwing the same light on their life journey by re-evoking desires and purpose towards life, finding inspiration, assisting with self-awareness, recognising your own talent, embracing life challenges in a healthy manner, accepting and managing critics and building self altogether. All of this, aids in reunion with self and opens up endless opportunities towards personal growth.

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Programmes We Offer

Vishwas healing centre feels honoured to serve you with distinctive domains to help the society towards a healthier future. For each obstacle of life, we have ample number of possibilities to offer from psychotherapeutic and healing methods.

Some of the programes that we have specific to mental clarity and personal growth includes

Emotional decoding and life-skills : to deal with varied emotions such as anger, grief, attachment issues, guilt, fear, insecurities, depression, anxiety and stress.
Cognitive behavioural therapy
Personalised session
Stress management techniques
Progressive muscle relaxation
Mindfulness based therapies
Yoga and meditation (includes a PCOS/PCOD focussed session)
Lifestyle development

At Vishwas, we understand how the energies aligns you with your highest potentials. We come up with the most distinctive and result-promising alternate healing methods which includes:
Psychic reiki
Karuna reiki
Bach flower remedies
Lama fera
Healing crystals
tarot reading

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