Vishwas Healing Centre primarily concentrates on promoting overall sense of well being in its clientèle. Not many may be aware of this, but every individual has the power and capacity of healing himself or herself. A vast majority of us do not utilize this power that lies dormant within us for two main reasons:

  • We are not aware of its existence
  • We do not know how to go about triggering its growth and development.

Therefore at Vishwas Healing Centre, our aim is to help our clients to discover the immense storehouse of strength within and recognize the presence of the healer inside so that he or she becomes completely independent and self-confident. Every person can be happy mentally and fit physically provided he knows how and is guided by a healing expert. He need not look for happiness and mental stimulation from the outside world.


With this noble aim in mind, we have made it our mission to make one person in every family the quintessential healer. This person should be brimming with positive energy and sound mental health to the extent that he imparts some of his wisdom, fortitude and knowledge to those around him. This person knows how to heal himself as well as those in his circle of family, friends and colleagues.

Once an individual develops and cultivates the power of healing that lay within, he is not only aware of the ailment he is suffering from but also the real cause behind it. At VHC we empower our clients to re-discover his inner strengths by which by can cope with illnesses, stresses and tensions far better.


At Vishwas Healing Centre we not only dreams big but also work hard to fulfil our dreams for the sake of a healthier community. Our dream is to help people realize their core strengths so that every individual can lead a more meaningful, happy and content life. If this empowered person can spread his leanings with others, then we can all live in a better world.