“Magnified healing has rejuvenating properties. However, receptivity is a prerequisite for it to be effective.”

Magnified Healing is a vibrational healing system and one of the newest forms of healing available. The attunement that is given by a practitioner assists the client to create the energy with the Universe so that you become the energy. You are a co-creator. This enables you to continue the process on your own. Magnified Healing assists in releasing all energy imbalances. The healing embraces all levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Etheric and spiritual.

This is another healing system that utilizes energies through channeling. It is practiced with breathing techniques, movements of the hand on the principles of sacred geometry, and affirmations are spoken out loud. With this, all your Chakras become balanced and focused in the heart and you become the Magnified Healing energy.

Magnified Healing occurs through balancing the spiritual centers (the Chakras). It fully integrates all modalities. From breath and sound to movement, the seeker is actively, consciously engaged in the process. The healer is merely a facilitator, allowing the participant to continue on the healing process without further assistance. (Unique to Magnified Healing are the release of Karma and preparation for Ascension.)

Magnified Healing includes meditation for empowerment, alignment of spiritual centers, clearing of the light channel, sensitizing and awakening the nervous system, healing the earth and karma, expansion of the threefold flame to build the Light Body, and preparation for ascension. Specially prepared Magnified Healing essences are used at the time of initiation to orchestrate and seal the energies into perfect synthesis.

The actual healing takes about 20-25 minutes for individual sessions. Magnified Healing can also be done for a large number of people in cases of emergencies and major catastrophes such as a plane crash or an earthquake. Each person caught in such a disaster might not survive, but Magnified healing is bound to ease his suffering and provide relief.

In Magnified Healing, the entire energy flows through the body and that which is not required is sent to the violet fire for transmutation. The color of Magnified Healing is lavender: a blend of the pink light of the heart center, blue of the throat center, and blue-white of the third eye center. [Magnified Healing History]

The Ascended Masters of the Hierarchy, composed of those beings who have transcended matter, supervise the healing of the earth. Kwan Yin is one such master who also represents feminine energy and balance. In fact, myth has it that Kwan Yin was born as a male who later transformed herself into a female since the male body lacked the feminine essence. She is revered as Tara in Tibet and Korea. She is also supposed to be a disciple of the Buddha from whom she received the violet flame.

Vibrational medicine will be the medicine of the future, for conventional medicine is losing its flair among the populace because certain remedies and medications are no longer working. As our physical bodies continue to change to embrace the light, these remedies of a very dense vibration will no longer serve us. Vibrational medicine recognizes the whole being of the individual, including the subtle bodies, which are very important in healing disease within all the bodies.


In this time of important earth and cosmic energy shifts, mankind now has an opportunity to enter into a creation consciousness. And as Planet Earth is approaching its mutation into a body of light, so too humanity needs to begin its mutation into higher vibratory dimensions. In order to accomplish our ascent into Oneness, we need to heal ourselves at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, etheric, spiritual.

The Earth and all its inhabitants are being prepared for a major shift in consciousness. This shift is made possible by the grace of Ascended Masters and other Great Beings of the Inner Planes, who are giving us many special energies at this time of the Great Awakening. The several new healing modalities that are being reintroduced to humanity have to do with “vibrational medicine and science,” and we will see more focus being drawn to color, sound, and light therapies, as well as sacred geometry.

Magnified Healing is very easy to learn and to use, and it is available to everyone. It is initiatory. In the class, the Ascended Master Kwan Yin will be present energetically to initiate you. It incorporates all aspects of healing, allowing the student to participate and then to teach the process without lengthy internships.

As with other healing modalities, Magnified Healing may be practiced in absentia. Unique to the process is the formation of sacred geometries put in motion by the preparation, connection to Source, healing of karma, and work with the earth, which provides a sealed light matrix. The matrix is sealed as the energy is first created and then rededicated to Source. Not only can you use Magnified Healing with other kinds of healing but it also magnifies the healing energy you already have, whether you are new to healing work or already an experienced healer.


Meditation For Empowerment

Acknowledgment of the Three-fold Flame and Higher Self


Alignment of spiritual centers and clearing of the central light channel


Healing others, healing self, absent healing, healing the Earth, healing of karma, preparation for Ascension


Crown, hands, and heart initiation with flower essences


As Master Teacher of Magnified Healing of the God Most High of the Universe

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