Auras are an electromagnetic, bio-energy field that surrounds and animates your physical body. Another way to think of your aura is as your life force or spiritual field. And the greater and stronger your life force or energy is, the brighter your aura will be. The vibrancy of your aura reflects all that’s crucial to who you are — your physical health, emotional well-being, personality, and mental activity.

Everything is made of energy and vibrations. All living things have auras, from the tiniest amoebas to the largest elephants. Aura is an energy field that reflects the subtle life energies within the body. It is an energy field that surrounds our body, and we can sense them by using our inner awareness, however, we cannot detect them with our physical senses unless we have the psychic ability to do so. We need to realize that there is more to each of our bodies than for us to just simply end in the skin. We not only have our physical form but we also have several more unseen outer layers, known as subtle bodies. These subtle bodies link our emotional, spiritual, and mental levels to ourselves. These subtle bodies vibrate so fast that they are invisible to us, they radiate color vibrations that spread all around us in bands of etheric cloud formation light, creating an aura. The aura is made up of the rainbow’s seven ray colors. Each of these colors is also related to the seven major Chakra points and their specific functions.

The aura is a three-dimensional, egg-shaped energy field made up of seven overlapping layers. Each layer has a different vibration or frequency, which creates different colors and patterns in the aura. While simplified explanations of auras discuss them as having one solid and steady color, auras actually have multiple colors that change all the time.

It is a reflection of the body’s spirit energy. It reflects our health, mental activity, and emotional state. It also shows disease – often long before the onset of symptoms. When you are stressed, traumatized by accidents or abuse, or scared, your aura can become thin, with dark spots or holes, which can cause emotional or physical distress or illness. Healing and strengthening your aura can revitalize your mind, body, and spirit. A healthy aura extends further out from your body, indicating that you have powerful and plentiful energy.

Knowledge of auras has been claimed by healers and clairvoyants for thousands of years. A skilled reader can read the aura and diagnose disease and sickness in a person, both the body and mind. Aura is an extension of yourself; it contains your thoughts, feelings, memories, traces of your past experiences. We carry everything around in our energy field. Our intimate connections to others also remain in our energy fields, that’s why we feel pain, hurt after we break up with them. It is also called a soul record as it contains the total experience of the soul.

The size of an aura and its shape and intensity of colors gives us beneficial information about the physical, mental and emotional, and even spiritual aspects of the body. Every layer of our aura contains certain aspects of our being. Problems arising in one layer may spread through to the other layers of the aura and the body and these problems may manifest as distress or disease.

The different areas of the aura and its color reveal insightful information into our personality, thought patterns events and beliefs, true inner feelings, and how others perceive us to be. Our auras colors are constantly changing. Whatever you are experiencing in life, whatever you are doing, your various moods all determine what color or colors are in your aura at any given time.

The colors of your aura are also affected by the energies of other people. It is not unusual to have the colors of another person’s aura in yours. When your energy is flowing freely through your being you feel well. Sometimes when energies from other people enter your energy system, it can create problems, as these energies may interfere with the flow of your own energy.

Aura | Vishwas Healing Centre


The aura consists of seven levels/layers/auric bodies. Each one of the subtle bodies that exist around the physical body, has its own unique frequency. They are interrelated and affect one another and the person’s feelings, emotions, thinking, behavior, and health as well. Therefore a state of imbalance in one of the bodies leads to a state of imbalance in the others.

Each layer of your aura radiates a different color. The brighter the light emanating from each layer, the healthier your aura, the better you’ll feel in mind, body, and spirit. For layers that aren’t bright, take appropriate actions to enhance and expand your aura. The following chart summarizes the indicators of health or illness of a layer of an aura. You can use the chart shown below as a quick reference when you’re having health problems, allowing you to see which layer of your aura needs attention.

Aura Layers | Vishwas Healing Centre


A man holds a deep relationship with color. In our visually dominant world, we are constantly surrounded by it, and it permeates and influences every aspect of our lives.

The human aura is very sensitive to color. It reacts to the colors of the clothing worn and to the colors of its surrounding area. The effect of color on emotions is well known. Wall colors are carefully chosen, in hospitals and other institutions, to calm agitated people and put them at ease. Soft pastel shades of pink and blue are the most frequently used colors for this, because of their well-known calming effect. Color of the aura changes with the mood of the person. For instance, if a person is angry his aura will turn to dirty red color while for a person showing compassion the aura will be green in color, etc…

Color affects the subtle flow of energies within the energy body. This accounts for our strong natural likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing the colors we wear, and those that surround us.

Chakra Colors | Vishwas Healing Centre

The color of the aura can be electronically viewed and photographed through various electronic techniques like Kirlian photography and aura imaging. In Kirlian photography energy vibrations and colors appear to intensify in the hands of healers when they are performing healing work. In the moment of extreme emotion, deep concentration, etc, we tend to generate large amounts of personal energy vibrations. Under these conditions, electronic photography has shown that with the increased vibrations the aura expands outward and its colors intensify.

This sensitivity varies, from person to person, depending upon how sensitive they are and how sensitive their aura is.

Women, generally, have more delicate and sensitive auras than men. They are, therefore, far more sensitive to the effects of color, than men are. Color can have a strong effect on a very sensitive person. If they wear a color that clashes too badly with their aura, it can make them physically ill.

Basic Hue Classification

The basic hue of an aura is its dominant color. This is the most visible color of the multiple energies generated by all the Chakras (mixed together) creating a general, overall color. There are, of course, many different colors in any person’s aura, but the basic hue is usually seen first.

Many people suggest that people can be classified, as being a particular type of person, by the basic hue of their aura. There are many different colored bands in a person’s aura. Each color has significance on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The color of the Aura is based on the frequency (cycles/second) of light energy. For this reason, the Aura may, and often does, change color, as the movement of light particles in the auric field responds to external forces.

For example:

COLOR                                                                                                ATTRIBUTES
Red                                                                   Sensuality, vitality, raw energy Orange Emotion
Yellow                                                                    Personality power, mental power, intellect
Green                                                                    Spirituality, love, affinity with nature, natural healer
Blue                                                                     Highly spiritual, religious, natural teacher, healer
Violet                                                        Very highly spiritual, psychic, clairvoyance, religious, teacher and healer
Gold                                                                     Highly advanced spirituality and psychic abilities – an adept


It is hard to see, but through practice, you can learn to physically view the universal energy field, as well as specific energy fields around living bodies, with the naked eye. Children are naturally able to see auras, and we can notice this in their drawings. A normal healthy baby can see the aura as all their Chakras are clear and already attuned / connected to nature.

The following exercises are various techniques to begin to help you perceive energy fields. It is easiest to start with the aura of a tree. A tree is such an enormous organism that it produces a large, quite visible, and very strong aura. The best time to view a tree’s aura is at dawn or twilight. Choose a fairly large tree that stands alone and position yourself about twenty feet away. Look at the ends of the branches of the tree. You are looking at a filmy, greenish-gray outline that surrounds the tree. It may be hard to see at first, and sometimes it helps to squint your eyes a little bit. Have patience, and if you can’t see it around one tree, try viewing another.

Here is an easy exercise for seeing your own aura. Put your hands together and press your index fingertips to each other. Then separate the tips a little bit and look between them. You are looking for wispy strands of energy that vibrate between them. You may need to take your eyes in and out of focus a few times to see it.

The other one is to sit in a quiet room with dim light. Stretch your hand in front, placing the thumb at your eye level, and focus on the tip of the thumb, holding the focus without blinking for a while. You might be able to see white mist-like strands around the thumb.

This exercise can be helpful for viewing the aura of another person. Stand a person against a dark background and try to view the energy field around her, focusing six fingers above the head. Look for color or energy movement emitting from her body.

An Interesting exercise is to have a person stand up against a wall and intensely concentrate on different emotions, like love, anger, fear, or hate. See if you can tell a difference in the energy color or it expands around the body as he focuses his feelings. The higher the level of spiritual advancement a person has, the farther the aura extends.

The fundamental color of aura remains constant, while others fluctuate with our emotions, health, and mental state. Serious problems can be indicated by muddy, missing colors from the aura. We see energy colors through the filters of our own energy colors, and so color perception is very subjective. In general, the aura should be clear, strong, ad vibrant. Weak, faded colors of low intensity indicate a need for aura energy healing. Dirty colors with a tint of black indicate illness, and breaks or patchy areas without color show energy blockages in the body.


Aura cleansing is the technique used to remove excess and unwanted energy from the area of the field. Use this process when there are energy blockages or when there is physical pain or an injury. It works really well over a scratchy throat to prevent it from becoming a full-blown sore throat. It is also effective at stopping a head cold when administered over the throat and the nose. It helps in breaking up congestion and removing pain from the body.

The following exercises are various techniques that are instrumental for aura cleansing. Using incense sticks is an easy exercise. It can be done by making a person stand with his hands stretched wide open and outlining his body in a clockwise order using a healing incense stick at a distance of two-three inches. Along with this process, you can affirm and intent that all the negativity has been grounded and aura are strong, clear, and vibrant.

The other one is to use saltwater. Make the healee lie down on the bed and place a saltwater bowl near his feet. Activate your hand chakra and move your hand (finger joined) from head to toe, 2 inches away from the body of the healee. On reaching the toe jerk the hand into the bowl. While moving the hand in the aura of the healee you will feel a strong movement of the energies flowing in and out.

You can also use your thumb and fingers in a pitching motion and pull the energy out of the area. So you do not fill the room with unwanted energy, either hold it in your hand and charge it with white light to purify it before letting it go, or you can jerk it into the bowl of water. After the treatment dispose of the water. When you are pulling out energies you need to focus on removing and disposing of the energy. Be very aware of your own energy and emotional level. If you feel you are taking in energy, stop the treatment and shake both hands vigorously, or you can emerge your arms in the cold running water. Spend the time necessary to strengthen your aura and ground out any excess energy before continuing the treatment.

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