Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychological wherein cognition(thoughts and thought processes) is the target of therapeutic intervention and change in cognition is believed to bring about changes in client’s emotions and behavior. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is actually the most structured, systematic, goal directed, time limited, empirically testifiable procedure and it makes use of conscious current thoughts. Vishwas Healing Centre while using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy uses the following strategies, especially working with cases of Depression:

  1. Identifying Negative Cognitions: Vishwas Healing Centre during the therapy sessions teach the clients to identify unpleasant emotions, the situations in which they occur and the associated negative automatic thoughts. The client is also asked to make a written report of his/her experiences on a daily basis as home assignment.
  2. Challenging Automatic Thoughts: There are 2 main ways to initiate a change verbal and behavioral. In the verbal challenge the therapist asks the questions likely to challenge the validity of a client’s beliefs or  those likely to elicit alternative interpretations. Whereas behavioral challenge is meant to either collect evidence in favour of the distorted beliefs or seek the validity of alternative ideas or interpretations. One strategy that has been observed to especially useful is to ask, what could somebody else in your position.