Counseling is referred to by many as ‘talk therapy’, it helps an individual who is grappling with some serious mental and physical problems. It is not impertinent to mention here that counselling plays a major role in healing and can cure 95% of psychological and physical illnesses. Counseling is used for analysis, to heal mental and emotional blockages which are invariably the root cause of diseases affecting the mind and body.

Psychological issues are affecting millions, all over the world and the phrase “pull yourself together” is still at play in INDIA. There is a huge social stigma, and a sense of shame about what others in the community might think about visiting a professional, which now needs to be corrected. A lot of people do not seek help and suffer internally because visiting psychologist/ psychiatrist is considered taboo in Indian society, leading to increased mental health problems. Most of the people avoid sharing personal problems and issues, as that might expose them as being weak.

Research shows that Counselling and Alternative Healing Therapies are the most effective treatments to cure all psychological problems. These sessions not only help individuals to cope with daily problems, but also teaches them the skills and strategies to deal with them more effectively and make oneself emotionally and mentally empowered.

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Psychologist or Psychiatrist? Whom to consult?

The ideal solution for someone who is depressed, anxious and facing problems at work or in personal and social life, should be seeking a professional help of a psychologist / psychiatrist. However, most people are not aware of the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist and hence are not sure whom to refer.

While psychologists and psychiatrists both conduct psychotherapy and research, there are many significant differences between the two professions, which we will be listing in our separate blog, but one very important distinction between the two is that psychiatrists can prescribe medications, while psychologists cannot. However, there has been a recent push to grant prescribing powers to psychologists. The major distinction between a Psychologist and Psychiatrist; Psychologist often deals with therapies, counseling, and building healthy perception towards life. Even in cases where medication is required, psychiatrist may refer the client to a psychologist for further assessments and evaluations to complement the existing treatment of the case under medications.

Counselling and Alternative Healing Therapies consists of various strategies and practices. We at Vishwas Healing Centre apply these on individuals depending on his or her specific needs. In short, we apply a judicious combination of these for a better quality of life and free him or her from chronic ailments like depression, sleep disorders, marital or premarital problems and much more. We are also adept at anti-addiction therapy which has benefited many. We offer our expertise at schools, hospitals and drug rehabilitation centres.