In this process of hypnotherapy, the therapist helps an individual to go back in time, to revisit his/her childhood memories, remember his/her youthful days, the friends, associates, etc all of which are mostly forgotten by the conscious mind. Therapists use this method to treat phobias, unknown fears, to dig up buried memories of childhood abuse, etc which affect life at an adult age, but the individual cannot remember anything.

With Age Regression sessions you can move through and heal the root cause of a present situation, resolve and understand current relationships, lift old restrictions and blocks to healing, and gain a spiritual perspective of your life situation. You can go back to previous experiences of your current lifetime under hypnosis for the purpose of understanding and learning, pure curiosity, or even discover talents, values, feelings, and gifts you possessed in this life. It can be a transformative and insightful process for anyone.


Vishwas Healing Centre believes that Age Regression sessions can lead us to self-discovery. This direct experience can be used to change our present lives for the better, as well as to provide opportunities and benefits for learning, healing, and growth. The more we know about ourselves, the more effective people we will be and the more comfortable we will be in our own skin. So understanding what motivates us, what repels us, what we yearn for, what we need to avoid, and why we think and feel the way we do can make all the difference in the world in our physical and emotional health.

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