For many of you today, one relationship after the other comes to an end and you may find yourself becoming more emotionally hurt & more frustrated. And often you may find yourself asking these questions in your mind… “Why can’t my relationships last”, “I have no idea what I did to deserve this”, “Maybe I don’t deserve a wonderful soulmate” etc…

Do these words or questions are familiar to you? Vishwas Healing Centre believes that in today’s world many of you are seeking these answers. We can confidently say we can provide you not only the answers but also the right perspective, you may need. Vishwas Healing Centre believes that relationships you attract are at the vibration frequency of the expectations that you have that the lack of what you have kept attracting. Vishwas Healing Centre understands that many of you are looking forward to creating inspired, meaningful and joyful relationships but you have so much “Baggage & Debris” from your past relationships. Healing wounds of your hearts & clearing the clutter of your mind is important and this is possible through Emotional Cord Cutting. This technique of Emotional Cord Cutting helps you in forgiveness and willingness to let go of the painful past. It also becomes an opportunity to fall in love with yourselves to create a life you truly deserve.


We human beings are very strange creatures and need to know that our reactions and behavior are acceptable. But we also need to understand that if we really want to love or create meaningful relationships, then we must learn how to forgive. Emotional cord-cutting is all about this very concept of forgiveness. Vishwas Healing Centre through this technique of emotional cord-cutting will mentor you to find a way to begin the forgiveness process; if someone has hurt you betrayed you or broken your heart. Here in this entire process, you will learn about trust and whom should you actually open your heart to. And this awareness will definitely come to you through our sessions.

We strongly believe that people who forgive tend to have better relationships feel happier, more optimistic, and enjoy greater psychological well-being. Emotional cord-cutting gives you this insight that it is easy to be negative about past mistakes, unhappiness, and those you feel have wronged you. However, it is much more healing to look at yourself and your past in the light of experiences acceptance, and growth. Thought emotional cord-cutting gives you the awareness from your subconscious mind that your past is not a mistake. The only mistake you can make is not learning from your own mistakes.

Vishwas Healing Centre believes that you can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep reading the last one. If what you are doing, or the way you are being right now, no longer serves, you can wipe the slate clean and start again with a new perspective.

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