This is yet another technique of psychotherapy that aims to make the individual think and act positive so that a healthy future can be created in the present moment. If a person feels that the future is hopeless, chances are that he needs to correct some of his existing behaviors to ensure a positive outcome. We believe that each of us is creating our futures every moment. We are creators of our own reality and we can always shape or re-frame or re-program or re-design our own lives. In a future life progression, you can: see what is likely if you keep going the same direction, get insight into likely outcomes of your choices, experience your own probable future, explore how to resolve problems at work or with family, see the right job to take, house to buy, or person to marry, know beforehand how to best prevent a possible health problem, see which career will provide the best life for you.

A very special possibility with a future life progression is that you can discover your soul’s purpose and the lessons it has intended you to learn this time around. You may even be able to talk to yourself in a future lifetime, learn how you evolve, and what new missions your soul will be undertaking. The point here is my dear friends, if you want to develop creative ideas with more clarity, future life progression is a great tool to help you achieve the success you want here and now.  

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