How Self Hypnosis Helps?

  • Reduces stress
  • Help you overcome fear and anxiety
  • Boost your self confidence, self belief and self esteem
  • One of the most effective forms of weight loss
  • Has a very high success rate for quitting smoking
  • Eliminates self destructive negative and obsessive thinking
  • Great for changing bad and unhealthy habits
  • Significantly increases your chances of achieving your goals
  • Can help to heal your body
  • Elevates your self image
  • Helps you to sleep better and boosts your quality of sleep

For Women

  • When you relax deeply your body produces more endorphins. Endorphins reduce pain and produce feelings of comfort.
  • Low endorphin levels contribute to Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS); Symptoms may include: mood Swings, Fatigue, irritability, depression, food cravings, crying spells, sensitivity to light or sound, terrible falling for sleep, social withdrawal, physiological changes (Abdominal pain) etc.
  • Dealing positively with menopause using self hypnosis can help you move confidently into a new and exciting face of life. Vishwas healing Centre understands that some women feel less ”feminine” in some way after the menopause as they are they no longer fertile. Others feel as if they are on the fast track to ageng and becoming somehow less attractive they may even suffer some loss of confidence. Self hypnosis session may help you feel much more positive and healthy during this face.

For Men

Knowing what type of leadership you intent to create in your relationship and you professions. Being able to lead and always be in touch with your values so that you can have a greater belief in yourself. Vishwas Healing Centre believes that without the right state of mind, it is impossible to create a functional life. Self Hypnosis can bring inner peace and helps you in creating a right mind set. This modality of therapeutic approach can definitely make men committed to the goals they have set for themselves and their pursuit of their dreams.