Fighting with the world is easy but fighting with self is truly a battle! Teenager decides whether to win or lose! Gone are the times when teenagers were a happy pill and everyone’s apple of the eye. Now are the times when aggression has taken over this group of people between 11 years to 17 years of age and most of the times they come as more of a hopeless and irritable set of people than being lively and attractive.

Reasons of Aggression

  • Earlier this group ranged between 13 years to 17 years but to everyone’s shock, over the time this age group has automatically shifted from 13 to 11 and this is greatly influenced by early puberty.
  • There are certain hormonal changes which bring changes in the way we think, the way we look, the way we act and the way we react to our surroundings and the people in the surroundings and it is more than normal to react to such things and most of the times it is aggressive.
  • Changes in the body, while we are in our teenage are strong enough to affect lot of things within us. It might be difficult for the parents to suddenly accept the changes in their children’s behavior and body and similarly they also become over protective and quarrelsome.
  • It is even more difficult for the teenagers to cope up with the ups and downs they feel in their energy levels and the newness in them.
  • In the process of understanding how to act and react to this reshaping of their body and mind, they become aggressive and grumpy.
  • The teenagers stand confused for quite a while and moreover are not aware of their state of hesitation. As a consequence of which they lack patience and burst out portraying an antagonistic behavior.
  • It is often found that the teenagers tend to show such strange behavioral acts with their elders and on the same hand are extra receptive to their friends. This clearly shows that people of same age group, same thinking become certainly the most compatible of all and easily get along with each other.

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Role of Parents

  • Parents in any case hold a very important place in the life of their children and same goes for the role of children in their parent’s life.
  • Today knowingly or unknowingly the parents are not able to give the needed attention to their kid when they are in their growth years. Parents are unable to find what their teenager kid is expecting as and when he or she is moving towards changes. Parents should not always expect the child to come forward and speak his heart out as this hesitation and a phase of distancing self from parents is a major consequence and sign of getting into this sensitive age of teenage! Parents should go talk to their child casually and build a very solid trust in them making them believe that they are always there for their child and there is nothing bigger and more important than self love.
  • Parents should assure that they do not make their child an antisocial, over pampered brat in a world full of independents and all-rounders.
  • Parents being the experienced section of the family should be tactful enough and be observant to look out for what is the child up to and what are the things, situations or environment which makes them feel out of place and forces them to be aggressive.

Role of a Teenager

  • Accepting changes is the most beautiful and powerful experiences of life. There is nothing better than feeling the changes in you, be it mental or physical or even emotional.
  • Keeping yourself headstrong and willing to enjoy the life to the fullest will automatically give you confidence to face things.
  • Teenage is the time when the child is confused as to what to do and how to channelize their energy in the right path.
  • Going off track will definitely be a part of your but life make sure you do not lose the light in your hand, the light of confidence, self love and acceptance.

Understand that this time of going through teen age is the most precious one and can be the turning point in your life. The teenager decides what and where to turn into!

Teenager has to decide that is this phase of their life worth enjoying or wrangling?

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