Agmya-Femininity Retreat Sacral Chakra Healing (Women's Retreat)

Agmya-Femininity Retreat Sacral Chakra Healing (Women’s Retreat)

Total Days:- 4 days, 3 nights

Cost of the retreat program – Rs. 60,000/-

 Early Bird Discount

Rs. 45,000/- ( stay & food inclusive)

Venue –  Rishikesh

Do you feel or experience:-

Lack of Creativity or imagination.
Lack of connection with your own sensuality.
Codependency in your relationships.

These are all signs of blockages connected to your sacral chakra. It is also called the center of your feelings, emotions, creativity and pleasure.

When the Sacral Chakra is in harmony, you feel the life energy flowing freely into your body, mind and soul, you feel connected with your creative force and participate in the deep joy of creation.

The blockages in the Sacral Chakra can make you feel anxious, fearful or you might even feel disconnected with your own feelings and emotions.

To unblock your Sacral Chakra, to feel more empowered in life, to again feel re-connected with your creative potential, to step on the path towards.

And this is an intention towards healing your fertility issues, menstrual issues & much more.

Know More

Key Modalities ; Integrated Approaches towards Women’s Wellness

1. Mindfulness Meditation
2. Sacral Chakra Healing & Cleansing Meditations
3. Affirmations Approach
4. Hypnotherapy Approach
5. Group Past Life Regression
6. Group Life Between Life Regression
7. Crystal Healing Meditations
8. Angel Meditations
9. Angel Tarot Card Reading
10. Chakra Card Reading
11. Art Therapy
12. Aroma Therapy
13. Nature Therapy
14. Mementoes

Why should one join our Retreat?

Issues being Addressed:-

Enhancing Fertility
Healing Menstrual Cycles
Pcos from alternate health perspective
Mental Peace & Calmness
Stress Management & much more.

Call/WhatsApp at +919899201645, +919911401645 for more information and registration in the course.


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