Amethyst is a healer par excellence for the emotions and the spirit. It can activate the crown chakra and open your intuitions. It focuses your attention on higher realms. Indeed a transmuter of emotions and a protective stone age in the physical realm, this transparent crystal, which ranges from in the lightest lilac to the deepest purple, has a pronounced point in its natural form which can be used to draw in or draw off energy. An excellent cleanser and harmonizer for the biomagnetic surrounding the physical body, Amethyst is an efficient pain reliever that transforms blockages at any level.

amethyst crystal effects on body

Effect on the Body

Amethyst has strong healing powers and is particularly effective in providing pain relief. For this reason, it is helpful in headaches and migraines, especially where these are caused by tension and stress. Amethyst boosts and regulates hormones. It can be beneficial in menopause for calming hot flushes arising from an excess of estrogen.

Effect on the Emotions

A Calming and soothing stone, Amethyst has a balancing effect on the emotions, smoothing out highs and lows and highs and lows and bringing about emotional centering. Believed in Asian time towards darkness, it is used to treat dependence and activate personality traits- as they inevitably have an emotional basis – and it can assist in understanding the root cause of all kinds. It is effective in overcoming fear, anxieties; it also heals grief and sadness. This stone is extremely beneficial when there is a need to come to terms with the loss.

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Effect on the Mind

Amethyst is a natural Hercules and is highly effective. This stone assists the mind’s focus and assimilates new information. It improves memory and concentration and facilitates the transmission of neural signals. This crystal is useful for insomnia caused by an overactive mind and when placed under the pillow it protects against recurrent nightmares. Amethyst is an effective healer of psychiatric conditions such as dependency or depression and may work as a stabilizer of moods but should not be used in case of schizophrenia.

Effect on the Environment

With its high spiritual vibration and serene presence, Amethyst has a powerful cleansing and protective function. It heals unwanted energies of all sorts. It acts against your stress and illness and may transmute the energy into love. This apart if you want to lighten the energy in the room, a large amethyst cluster can cleanse the environment of any blocked negative energies while an Amethyst primarily focuses on conserving and consolidating energies.

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