One of the beautiful childhood memories is to put the star on the top of the Christmas tree. We all have heard the mesmerizing story of birth of Jesus Christ, associated with the star. The Christmas star played a pivotal role as it guided the three kings (the wise men) from the east to seek out for baby messiah. However, the Christmas star still holds its magical relevance in our lives.

Birth of Jesus Christ (little messiah)

jesus birth

Long ago on a freezing winter night, a new star visited to join the rest of the stars in the sky of Bethlehem. The new coruscating star showered its light upon the gray hills. The hills lit so radiant that it resembled the daylight, though it was night. There were three shepherds, who felt astonished at witnessing this unnatural gleaming of the star. At the same time, an angel came to tell them for not being afraid of it. The angel further added, “the star has come to bring you good, tidings of great joy, and to show you the place where a little baby is born, a little baby whose name is Jesus, and who will give peace and joy to the whole world.”

The angel then went back to heaven while the curious shepherds decided to go and see the baby Jesus. They left their flocks sleeping on the hillsides, and took their crooks in their hands and followed the star.

(The candy canes which we eat are hence of crook-shaped, resembling and reminding us of the shepherds’ crook. The red stripes are symbolic of Christ’s blood while the white is of purity.) The star guided and took them to the little stable in Bethlehem, where the baby Jesus was born.

Again, the star headed to another country far away, where some other wise men lived. Similarly, they too noticed the bright star. They observed the star to be moving, as if it were showing them the way to go. So, they also followed the star until it rested above the birthplace of Jesus. The star watched over them, casting a peaceful light over all.

With the rise of dawn, the star disappeared and went back into the blue heavens to narrate about the Birth of Jesus Christ – ‘Christmas day’.

On Christmas, the auspicious star brings a lot of positivity in our lives by bringing high hopes of fortune, unity, peace, humanity, love and reaching above oneself. We can learn from the story, how the star led the wise men to good fortune, how it united all the wise men at the stable. The star is ideally symbolic of serenity, passion, and love it casted among those who witnessed the birth of Jesus. The star is also the heavenly sign of a prophecy fulfilled long ago and the shining hope for humanity.

During those miserable times, Jesus took birth to release a message of ‘hope’.

‘Hopes’ are crucial to our lives for potential dynamics of the life. During the pandemic times, we have heard miraculous stories of many hospitalized people, telling how high hopes guided their journey from death bed to a blissful life again. Such wonders are more often witnessed on and around Christmas since there is an overwhelming feeling of seeking good fortunes. Our strong desires amplified with hopes can do magic.

So this Christmas, keep your hopes high as sky, attract what you have been seeking. Jesus shall Bless all!!!!!

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