Birthday Ideas for quarantine.
Make your loved one’s feel special.
Wake them up by a birthday song. Cut some colorful papers irregular and use it as confetti, shower this together on the birthday person with singing together the birthday song.
Prepare a special bed tea and surprise them with a special note with the bed tea.
Learn to make paper flower online and gift them at breakfast.
Keep playing his/her favorite songs the whole day.
Donate on the name of birthday boy or girl. Blessings of needy add auspiciousness to the occasion.
Do video conference with all family members and can play online tambola together.
Make birthday cake at home.
Write special birthday messages a night day before by each member if the family and paste them at different rooms. Let them find the complete messages for themselves.
Keep them under spotlight. I mean click the video when they are searching your hidden birthday notes.
If you don’t have balloon cut balloon shape and paste all over the house.
When connecting online with extended families and friends cut the cake together align with a heart
warming game.
Each member of the family will make the birthday person remember their best moment with them. Or
special moment.
Evening special snacks with special video to be watched together.
Lit candles in the evening on your balcony, together and pray for the peace in world. Pray together holding hands together and sing a song in grace of God. After the song, clap together. ALOUD.
Order some thing online to be delivered after the lock down. Jewellery, clothes or
In night wish the person, last birthday wish of the day. It has to be special, create a album of all happy memories of his/her past birthdays. And create a birthday bash video to be played as the last Happy moment of the day.

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