Every morning when we wake up, usually, we all have a set routine for the day. “Time for office” “time for school/college” and so on. And it’s possible that morning walk we planned for today will be shifted to tomorrow.

And we again lose the chance to connect with nature. But why do we need that connection?

We are aware about the benefits our physical body gets, but what about our mental and emotional health? How does spending time in nature helps us in that regard?

  • Nature rejuvenates you, energizes you, calms you and heals you. Nature heals us without any side effects, affecting our mood, emotions and thoughts. Our emotions and mental well-being depends upon the release of hormones in our body. And regulating these hormones can be done by spending time in nature.

  • One of the main hormone which corresponds to mental health is Cortisol. It is the stress inducing hormone in our body. According to the various researches conducted, we find that spending only 20 minutes in nature can reduce your cortisol level at a great rate. High cortisol levels can also lead to depression. It is also found that people with OCD, bipolar, PTSD, anxiety also has higher level of cortisol.


Solution? Get active! Go out in parks, enjoy the picnics, start exercising outside.

 Another reason for depression can be not getting enough sunlight.

Yep! You heard it right!  Proper exposure to sun is essential for us. As stated in WebMD, vitamin D deficiency leads to “medical and psychosocial issues”. Our immune system, heart, brain have vitamin D receptors. The body transports the vitamin to the kidneys and liver, which is then converted into active hormone and then assisting the body in absorbing calcium. Also, staying in natural light regularizes your sleep schedule. (we know how many of us are guilty of not having proper sleep!)

It’s nurturing properties, it’s healing vibrations can prove to be great help to everyone. It’s time to take few minutes out of your busy schedule to connect with nature, let it heal you and let yourself rejoice in the positivity that it provides.

Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, says –  though the nature is filled with positive energy throughout the day, it’s the early morning when the environment is nourished with Prana and energy. So, let’s go for that morning walk!

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