When the strength of witnessing awareness becomes larger than the intensity of your pain, healing happens.

Counseling is about creating strong relationships with your clients that will empower them to obtain emotional and psychological health and to fulfill their goals. Through the use of various counseling techniques and an understanding of the human mind and nature developed through counseling theories, Vishwas Healing Centre believes in guiding you in reaching your optimal emotional & mental health.

Our Expertise

Vishwas Healing Centre is specialised in various approaches of counseling that can cater to your special needs and help you in living an empowered life.

Children may be difficult to understand. Therefore it is also tough to treat any mental illness that they could be suffering from. We at Vishwas Healing Centre use techniques like play and art therapy, psychometric testing, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural therapy), etc. to understand the child’s needs and also provide a better treatment.

Lack of awareness and over-expectations often lead to marital discord. Our counselling methods help individuals view marriage in the right perspective and lead stress-free life.

When couples encounter problems and issues through marriage counselling one can make thoughtful decision about rebuilding and strengthening your relationship or going your separate ways with right perspectives. In Post-Marital Counselling CBT is often used to help an individual, to cope better with his or her new surroundings including emotional and cultural adjustments which he or she is expected to do in the institution of marriage.

Problems arise from the meanings people give to events, as well as the events themselves. Unhelpful thoughts can make it difficult for a person to function confidently in different situations. Through counselling we help you introspect and help you to look at, how you react to change, disappointment and problems; how your negative frames are reinforced and how to break the cycle, by equipping you with skills along with coping strategies to overcome your challenges in life.

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We all practice some sought of self deception now and then it allows us to maintain the image you have of yourself that you are comfortable with. Needless to mention that if your defense mechanism is leading to problems in your relationships and if you feel you truly have lost your purpose in becoming who you really are then they can become psychological issues or abnormal behaviors. We at Vishwas Healing Centre help you in providing various psychotherapeutic approaches and healing modalities, so that you gain a new perspective about your defense mechanisms and that may lead to you living a fully functional and inspired life.

Adult Counselling is all about giving you insights about what you tell about yourself and what is needed for you. These counselling sessions can help you in creating new behaviours that can make you move forward to create more empowered life. Through our insight oriented counselling sessions, our focus primarily becomes to make you identify your core strengths, to make you live powerfully and joyfully in this modern society.

As the angle of an aeroplane determine its attitude, so does the approach we take to relationship, family, work and life in general. Our attitude determines the way we present to the world. Indeed the way we solve a problem is often secondary to the approach we take in facing the problem, our outward expression every bit is as critical as inwards struggle. And when it comes to Anger Management we at Vishwas Healing Centre believes in giving you a solution focused approach by making you overcome your deep rooted belief systems that is building so much anger in your life. This approach definitely will give you the right kind of attitude.

We are the ones who create who will become. We do that every single day by our daily beliefs and self talk. So it’s really important that we talk to ourselves and motivate ourselves. We actually don’t need others approval. We deserve our own self approval and supportive self talk.And here Vishwas Healing Centre’s sessions will lead to more healthy and positive thinking. You will realize that after these sessions it is a lot more easier and healthier to become optimistic than pessimistic.

We are very much aware that work related stress has worse effects for any business or organizations in terms of staff performance and productivity, staff commitment to work, accidents caused by human error, organizational image and reputation, customer satisfaction and potential litigation. So Vishwas Healing Centre believes that your clients dont you don’t come first. If you take care of your staff, they will take care of the clients and uphold the vision of the organization. Our sessions actually will help you gain new levels of personal energy and power through a better alignment of what your purpose and vision is with the goals of your team and organization.

Some of the addiction been treated in Vishwas Healing Centre Alcohol, Cigarette Smoking, Drugs, Pornography, Video Gaming Social media, etc… Substance including drug abuse is primarily behavioural problem rather than purely a physical addiction. Vishwas Healing Centre’s sessions can become valuable supplements to traditional approaches of pharmaceutical treatments and rehabilitations. Our session can become a powerful tool to fighting cravings and getting your life back. Everyone needs and issues are different that why Vishwas Healing Centre’s has a very innovative and unique treatment plan for you. Indeed our treatment approach definitely shows a great deal of promise and hope.

OCD is all about obsessive thoughts or compulsory physical activities that are experienced as dysfunctional. It is observed the majority of OCD condition attributable to an emotional and developmental causes. Here at Vishwas Healing Centre we help the OCD patient by providing deep relaxation, this relaxation state helps neutralize ones intense emotions. As you very much aware that OCD is rooted in pervasive anxiety. Being able to reduce this anxiety can be paramount in intervening with clients successfully. Our therapy session focus towards teaching the clients to identify to difference between their original and OCD thoughts. Our final objective is to reprogram and rewrite the unhelpful scripts in their mind. Changing these scripts can definitely break bad habits and introduce a healthier way to function in life.

Negative experiences in our relationship or loss of our loved ones can lead to long lasting pain and fears. Even your views of life can be easily tainted by set backs, hurts and disappointments. And so the chains of your past are created when you go through emotionally upsetting experience. If they are strong enough they keep you in place and prevent you from growing. They can change how you see yourself, others, the world around you and even life itself. They can taint your attitude and behaviours. Vishwas Healing Centre believes that suppressing the pain can lead to further pain down the road. They are a major influence that can hold you back from becoming who you become in your life. Vishwas Healing Centre’s sessions can help you to develop the awareness the confidence and the skills you need to move on in life.

Vishwas Healing Centre’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions aims to identify harmful thoughts assess whether they are an accurate depiction of reality and if they aren’t, we employ strategies to challenge to overcome. Our intention is to modify the distorted thinking in a more constructive way so that the client lives a joyful and meaningful life. Indeed CBT session can give you the power to cope with your situations in a healthy way and to feel better about yourself and your life.

As many of you are aware that traumatic events like accident, assault, disasters, acts of terror, prolonged series of traumatic events which are on going psychological, physical or sexual abuse, which can change your perceptual experience of the world around you. Vishwas Healing Centre can’t erase traumatic events but our sessions can directly addressed those toxic event and its toxic effects. This corrective experience in our sessions can be monumental in helping a traumatized client release the past and move forward towards a better and brighter life.

Men and women across the world feel emotions to the same degree sadness, fear, worry, frustration, etc… We believe that the most important choices that you ever make in life is connected to your emotional awareness, your spiritual awareness, growth and general insight about your life. When this wisdom, awareness and insight is less or missing that’s the moment one can enter into isolation. So what we need to focus is own developing into a stronger and wiser individual by analysing your adversities clearly and discovering the opportunities in those adversities to your best advantage. And Vishwas Healing Centre allows you to consciously choose new perspectives and solutions from the wisdom of your subconscious mind.

Borderline Personality Disorder can damage many areas of your life. It can negatively affect intimate relationships, self -image, professional and social life. Here at Vishwas Healing Centre we help you to cope better with painful emotions by building up your resiliency and giving you a new way to soften the effects of upsetting circumstances. We often in our therapies sessions mentor you with various tools to overcome habitual, negative judgements about yourself and others. Vishwas Healing Centre’s goals is to modulate your feelings so that you don’t find destructive ways to solve your problems. And the last but not the least we even protect your relationships by rebuilding your respect and faith.

Everyday in both your profession and personal lives, you face challenges, decisions and situations that cause your stress levels to escalate. Vishwas Healing Centre helps you in developing the ability to step back and take a different view, so that you become happier, more confident and less stressed. When it comes to work life balance Vishwas Healing Centre believes that is a state of mental and emotional calmness. You may lead a busy life, have a demanding job and a family to support and yet you can create the ultimate peace and balance with your work. When your mind is at peace less anxious, less stressed and less worries, impatience disappear and conflicts goes away.

When suffering from fears and phobias it can be very useful to identify the “seeding events”. A seeding event is the root cause of any fear. When this fear manifest at a later time through a particular trigger this is known as secondary event. The reason that the negative event in your past can make you panic years later is that your mind stores the memory of the events, as well as fearful emotions connected to it. So when a secondary event triggers the memory, the associated negative emotions also comes to the surface, resulting in a fearful or phobic reaction. It is important to remember when we store memories, we also store connected to emotions and we at Vishwas Healing Centre keep these aspects while analysing and healing.

In many cases anxiety is learned subconsciously. We condition ourselves to react to stressful situations in a particular way. For those who experience anxiety, the natural response is a wide range of symptoms, from racing thoughts to labored breathing. Vishwas Healing Centre through its therapies sessions allows you to replace them with more helpful ways of thinking, and ultimately reducing your anxiety instantaneously. And through our sessions you can definitely begin to gain greater control over your response to triggers and stressful situations.

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There are 2 different sources of stress External and Internal triggers. External trigger is like getting a poor grade or break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Whereas Internal trigger is like placing high expectations on yourself. A certain amount of stress is inevitable and useful part of studying. It assists students to work harder, be focused and return to the study rather than doing other things. However, if students are too stressed they can’t study effectively. And here Vishwas Healing Centre helps you to distinguish between stress that assist you to study and stress that prevents you from studying effectively. Vishwas Healing Centre’s core objective is to reduce the latter type of stress.

Vishwas Healing Centre’s mentoring programs for leadership rule (Teacher & Management etc) who intent to manage emotions in a constructive way and what to be successful in handling relationships and organizational stress. In our stress management cum wellness program, we intend to look at how reactive frames are consciously and subconsciously created, we intent to help teacher to step back and examine the way they approach difficult situations from a new perspective. We will also be looking at how you react to change, disappointment and problems; how are your negative frames are reinforced; and how to break the cycle. Really, what we are focusing on is “Self Management”. Our mentorship program for teachers and management will be from subconscious mind perspective and that will definitely unable the participate to prove their focus and motivation, increase and sustain a healthy, positive attitude at school and at home.Vishwas Healing Centre believes the teachers who feel their value and recognise for the work they do are more motivated, responsible and productive. Our dynamic mentorship program actually creates more dynamic, loyal and energized workplace.

Vishwas Healing Centre’s therapy sessions for panic disorder is one of the most effective treatment plans due to its proven effectiveness, goal oriented focus. We work to help change a person’s faulty and negative thinking and even assists in shifting your unhealthy behaviors. We at Vishwas Healing Centre help you to overcome negative thinking patterns so that your are able to make better choices in your actions and behaviors. We believe your fearful and negative thinking is often associated with panic attacks. Fears associated with panic attacks can become so intense that they begin to negatively impact a person’s behavior. Our therapy sessions keep these aspects, so that you can come out of your fears and achieve confidence in every action that you make in your life.

Mood swings can happen from time to time. Whether is because of a period or due to increased stress from relationships or work, many factors are involved in contributing this swings in mood also the behaviors attached. It is possible to stabilize your mood and improve your health through Vishwas Healing Centre’s alternative approaches of treatment to reduce the risk for future mood changing. Vishwas Healing Centre takes a proactive approach in this condition.

As you are very much aware this is one type of mood disorder associated with childbirth onset of this issue is typically between one week and one month following childbirth. Postpartum Depression can affect new born child as well. It is serious problem one that you shouldn’t ignore. Many women goes into severe and rapid mood swings, extreme crying tendencies, sadness, insomnia, irritability etc. She might even find herself withdrawing from her partner or being unable to bond well with her newborn baby. In extreme cases she might discover within her feelings of too much guilt or worthlessness or might even begin to develop suicidal thoughts.Vishwas Healing Centre understand women’s needs and also is aware that they don’t have the support network around them that would help them come out of the situation. Vishwas Healing Centre’s focus towards developing the ability to become a good mother and even prepare her towards this amazing and beautiful journey of “Motherhood”.

We at Vishwas Healing Centre has specially designed this way of counselling for a long term results. Our methodology of counselling is an inspirational, interactive, experiential, and life transforming approach towards counselling to explore the real you in you. As human beings we all are made up of 5 personalities our growth will be continuous, only if we continuously work on our physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual personalities. And we believe that emotions play an incredibly powerful force in all our lives. It affects us as individuals and as groups. Emotions seem to be residing within the deep inner wiring of the mind that is your subconscious mind. Whether or not they correspond with objective facts; they are still powerful!. So people who suffer from depression are always loaded down with negative emotions about themselves, about others and about life. These emotions at times can have such a devastating effect, that they are often driven to suicide and perhaps the only conclusion. So if emotions can affect your very life think how it can affect your relationships and your professional life. So at Vishwas Healing Centre we intent to work towards a real process of change, we even look at your subconscious bias and even help you move away from the potentially damaging emotions.

The average age that menopause happens to women is 52, but of course many women begin earlier and some later. During the menopause ovulation end so period stop. And perhaps women during this time suffer physical and emotional symptoms due to change in “Hormonal Levels”. Some of the symptoms that many of the women here may relate to during this transaction time; hot flushes, night sweats, weight gain, mood swings, urinary infections, vaginal discomfort etc. Vishwas Healing Centre believes that there is a fundamental strong link between mind and body in relation to so many physical conditions, the menopause is one of these.

As most women can relate there are many commonalities of emotional hurtful experience one encounters throughout the transaction into “Womanhood”. Puberty, love, intimacy, relationships, breakups and the list goes on. And there are also things that today many women may just simply repress that trauma that accompanied these experiences. They run from it, not knowing what to do with issues such as emotional breaks, abuse, painful relationships and many other forms of violation and exploitation. These emotions and mental scars would have left a deep negative imprint on the soul of these women, causing them to attract similar patterns of victimization experiences again and again across life times, including the manifestation of physical dysfunctions or gynaecological disorders like heavy bleeding, skipping periods, cysts, fibroid, miscarriages, abortions, cancers and infertility issues etc. Here Vishwas Healing Centre establishes a connection between your inner self and the external surroundings. Vishwas Healing Centre focuses towards creating feeling of balance and oneness with nature. Also intents to heal many of yours gynaecological disorders.

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