Begin to identify and heal the negative issues which caused the separation from your Inner world.

The energy that creates worlds & universes is within you. Yes that’s a true fact of life. So if you are feeling frustrated, it means you are holding a vibe that aligns with a reality that you don’t want. We know you have a question right now how do you create the vibe of frustration? It’s pretty easy. Simply observe your waking reality & then resist or reject some aspect of it. For instance, look at your life, see the conflicting emotions that you are facing everyday. Now you know what do we mean by frustration vibe, once you are holding the frustration vibe, you have locked in your resistance. So reality responds accordingly. Your subconscious mind then says, “Oh… you are holding a vibe that aligns with what you don’t want. So here’s plenty more of what you don’t want.

You are welcome to experience that for as long as you like!” But when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. When you see the world, your life as abundant & friendly, your intentions will lead to genuine possibilities. They will, in fact, become a certainty, because your world will be experienced from the higher frequencies. The point here is, if you struggle with a poor self-esteem & don’t have a positive self-image, you will continue to push abundance away when it presents itself. Though this is largely a subconscious process, you can gather clues from the rest of your lives to determine if this is an issue you need to work through. See if you continuously resist positive changes in your lives, in everything from relationships to health habits to abundance to spiritual growth , you might need to work more on your level of various levels of your awareness. Our Energy Healing Therapy sessions gives you the wisdom that you are surrounded by opportunities to invite & receive love. But when you are stuck in scarcity thinking, you squeeze this field of possibilities down to a narrow part of the spectrum. And sometimes your intentions are simply too big to be compressed without losing their essence, so you effectively block them. The more you try to work on the external world, while still resisting parts of it, the longer you perpetuate frustration. Even if you manage to seemingly fix some part of your external reality, another part will soon break. Or you will pull ahead & then fall back again & again. These sessions actually helps you to break this cycle by making you love & accept your current reality so that you invite new desires and possibilities. This means more energy flowing into creation & less energy squandered on frustration. Moreover, you will be able to release these inner struggles or at least you will be toning them down in your subconscious mind.

Consultation and Workshops

Sessions are strongly focussed on healing chakras and once the healing begins there is a transition of conscious that leads to not only profound healing but also one is able to bring overall wellness and enhanced quality of life.

Distant healing is perhaps one of those beautiful sciences where we are overcoming the barriers of distance, time and space. This healing is so deep and effective that anyone across the world can effortlessly create the ultimate breakthroughs in all dimensions of their existence.

Past, present and future is not a mystery to solve rather a journey undertaken to achieve your highest purpose in life. Tarot reading sessions are all about realigning and redefining your highest purpose. And when this happens you will experience bliss, abundance and a greater connect to your spiritual divine self.

The ultimate blueprint to co-create your destiny and reframe your perspective towards life. When this perspective shift happens you are then vibrating at a higher frequency level which will create the experiences that you encounter to be more meaningful, beautiful and inspiring. A mentoring program that can safeguard you from the darkness of this world and put you on a journey to become a light worker.

Energy work is equivalent to divinity. As a healer it becomes a greater responsibility to help you get in touch with the divine consciousness within you. And the moment you are in touch with this divine force inside you, this phenomenal experience, will certainly help you to tap into the angelic realms and establish a deeper connect with the ascended masters, which paves the way for receiving amazing wisdom from the universal intelligence.

Breath is an essential ingredient for survival at one level but that is not the only level of existence. For overall evolution and manifestation of highest realities; especially when it comes to health, relationships, prosperity and life we need something beyond. We believe Crystals to be the ultimate life force for the human existence. It is not just ordinary stones but the magic inside can create the real meaning of healed life for you. So undertaking a journey through a workshop experience can actually help you in integrating the Crystals that can make your life truly a paradise.

Conventional medicine may not always be a wise choice to heal every kind of health issues. Sometimes going beyond can make this journey of recovering health with simple approaches like being cost effective in nature and faster healing of body and mind can be beneficial. Bach Flowers perhaps is one of the healing modalities that should now become a part of our lifestyle. This era actually needs a different kind of medication that is more focussed towards healing not only the toxins in the body but also should heal the toxic emotions that is overpowering most of the time, not only our thought process but also affecting our biochemistry and body. Today let’s take the baby step to bring Bach Flowers in our lives.

A very powerful modality that can heal many of your physical ailments and emotional challenges. Acupressure is about reconnecting with your powerful body’s intelligence. Once you are in touch with this intelligence of your body we are cent percent sure you can heal any conditions that may seem impossible from the conventional perspectives. Gift yourself the tool to rediscover your body’s intelligence.

Know More

Energy therapies are also called bio-field therapies. These profound sessions focus on energy fields that flow through and around your body. When energy is flowing freely through your body, you have good emotional, physical and spiritual health. When you are ill, the energy flow is blocked. The objective of the session is to find the blockages, remove the harmful energies and finally heal you to have a complete well-being.