Balance the five elements of house, clears all the stale and negative energies and fills it with positive energies that leads of happiness, prosperity, health, peace and harmony. The Five Elements are:

  • Earth
  • Air (Wind)
  • Water
  • Fire
  • and Space (Ether).

This Ritual is to balance the environment by Healing and Happiness. So, let’s start balancing!

These are some of the steps that can be easily done:

  • Place a square table at the center place of the house (not necessarily the absolute center)

  • Put a clean white square cloth over this table.

  • Take a crystal / glass plate and put a mixture of salt and camphor (kapur) in it. Lit a tealight candle in the center of this glass plate over salt + camphor.

  • Now place the following items in the specified direction around this plate: North of table à Salt water in glass bowl. South of table à Aroma candle East of table à Earthen or ceramic pot filled with rice for abundance West of table à Incense stick and some metal object.

  • Take some Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, and Black Tourmaline crystals and place them around the salt + camphor glass plate kept in the centre. Place the crystals in sequence (which will be shown in the video). If you do not have these crystals then you can as well place silver coins around it.

  • Play “OM” or “Gaytri Mantra” through the night.

Follow below Video:

30 Techniques For Home Healing, Scanning & Protection Workshop

The clean crystals which you have to place around the salt + camphor glass plate are:

  • Selenite is an Angelic Crystal. Angelic Crystal is used for protection and is placed wherever there is a dark force energy and black magic. It protects from negative energy and is a very powerful Angelic Crystal that works on Angelic realm and connects to the higher guidance.
  • Citrine helps to clean the whole area, it absorbs all negativity and help in cleaning. Citrine is a powerful crystal when kept with other crystals it cleans the other crystals also. It doesn’t require cleaning itself (it is a self-cleaning crystal). It is recommended to keep Citrine in water that helps to make the crystals happy.
  • Amethyst helps for clarity of mind, promotes sleep, clears your mind with all the confusions, it’s a very powerful stone that helps on the mental level.
  • Black Tourmaline is a very powerful stone that helps to eliminate any electromagnetic field or repel it away. It helps to ground energies immediately. And protect you from all negative energies.

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